Sometimes I am lost

Sometimes I am lost


Sometimes I am lost

Don’t know where to go?

There are questions everywhere

But I don’t know the answers yet

Twenty-two and graduating

Have you what’s next?

Maybe job, but prefer marriage

There are infinite directions,

But the way is one

Lord! I don’t know

My heart is all black

My mind tangled up

Hope is an angel

Hope breathes inside me

Smiling like a wise priest

Filling colours in my life

You will reach the Skies

You will find your America

******End Of Article*****

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Fatima_j _Gilani

Fatima_j _Gilani

Hi there! I am a twenty two year-old, optimistic, bookaholic person. I am currently studying Electronics and Communication. In my free time, I like to read books and web stories.

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