The First Last Date

The First Last Date – Short Story Of Unrequited Love

Year 2015 – Month of January. Somewhere in the North

So, I will meet you at 2 O’clock – Sara Texted 

With a grin on his face, 

Tom couldn’t control his happiness. As Sara finally agreed to meet him for the very first time.

Sara and Tom were in the same school but Facebook really bought both of them close

Great! I will be there on time, Tom send the text while his face was apple-red because of a big moment.

Ok then good night, Sara texted

Bubye – Tom gave an instant reply.


Next Morning

Tom woke up early as all night he couldn’t sleep trying to figure out what gift he should give to Sara. Because for the fact Sara is leaving the country for further studies, which Tom was trying to dismiss but couldn’t.


Finally, he managed some money out of his old ceramic piggy bank and went to the nearby local shop for the gift hunt.

After the long hour search in big teddy bear racks, shelves full of dairy milk chocolates, decorated coffee mugs, Tom finally managed to pick one. A Photo Frame, with wooden coloured borders. 

The clock was ticking, it was already 11:00 a.m. and Tom had several things to do. He picked up the red coloured marker from his desk and wrote on the bottom corner of the photo frame.

“From Tom”


And wrapped it in a white wrapping paper with small red roses crafted on it.
12 Noon, Tom rushed towards his cupboard, took out his blue jeans, a black T-shirt and his favourite dark grey hoodie


Trying to comb his hair.

Damn You! He whispered and put his hoodie on, as his hair was still looking ugly.
Keeping the Gift inside his backpack he left.

I have left, will reach there in half an hour – Tom texted Sara.

I am stuck in the bank for some currency exchange. I may reach a little later.

Reading this Text Tom’s face turned pale, eating his lips with his teeth.
He texted back, No worries.

Reaching the main road Tom boarded the bus.

While leaning his head on the window. Tom was lost somewhere when suddenly a voice hit his ears

Which Stop Sir? Bus conductor said

X University Campus, while handing over the fare of 15 cents, Tom replied back

From last 25 minutes being on the bus, Tom typed the text to Sara.

“Did you leave the bank” more than 50 times and erased it.
The bus applied the brake and the conductor shouted.

‘X – University Campus’

Tom de-boarded the bus and walked towards the famous shawarma shop. 

Pulled out his phone from the pocket

‘I have reached, Tom finally texted Sara.

‘I have heavy cash in my bag, I will first drop it at home and after that I will come –Sara replied.

Okay just come fast – Tom texted.

It was 2 o’clock and Tom was still roaming around lonesome.

Crunching his teeth and hitting his own foot against the wall, Tom was angry over Sara

Suddenly a notification pinged.

‘I can’t meet you for long, my friends are waiting for me in the next pizza shop.

And everything went blank in front of Tom

His eyes went dull and empty, yet they told a story of broken heart as tears slowly fell down Tom’s face and his heart barely wanting to beat.

But why? We are meeting for the first time. Don’t do this to me, Tom wanted to say.
‘Clearing his wet eyes with his thumb and index finger.

Okay, as you wish – Tom replied.

Tom entered the shop and did a takeaway order for one shawarma.

While stepping out of the shop.

There she was, bottom tight blue jeans, black hoodie, long ponytail, beautiful dark face.
Her smiling face healed everything from Tom’s pain.

Tom went silent, and eyes wide, he followed Sara towards the backside of the road.
While Tom was lost in Sara’s long black hair wanting to quench his thirst on her lips. 

He became speechless for his own inner feelings as he was insecure about something; something that never actually had happened yet

Meanwhile, Sara stopped in the corner.

So where is my gift?

A big smile on the face blushed cheeks – Tom handed both packed shawarma and gift to Sara.

Here it’s – Tom replied.

Sara opened up her big black bag and put it in inside.

Okay, then I will leave, my friends are waiting 

What is this a joke? Tom wanted to scream but again his throat was choking with all the tears he had held inside


Crumbling his fingers Tom replied.

Ya sure,

Ok then bye Tom, Sara said casually and left behind a person who asked for her love in silence but she misunderstood it for friendship

While expectations were rolling down through his cheeks,

And before Sara vanished in the rally crowded roads Tom shouted
don’t forget me! I will miss you.

Sara didn’t even turn his head back and vanished away in the crowd

Tom walked away trying to inhume down his feelings while being lost in silence searching for peace when bliss had already left him stranded.

Never Tom wanted to leave Sara like this without quenching his thirst of unrequited love for her.
14th Jan 2015. The first last date.

For some long, the heart has been ill and I still love her for a thousand years

Tom concluded the narration of the first last date to his friends hiding behind a thousand scars while having the last bite of Shawarma in the same shop.

***End Of Story*****

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