The Magic Coin

The Magic Coin: A Great Inspiration Behind A Story

There lived a young boy with his mother and studied in a government-aided elementary school. His mother though illiterate, used to meet his teachers, and would always get the feedback that the child was not doing well in studies. He felt shy to speak in front of people, as he was never sure of what he was saying or writing and was afraid of being wrong.

The mother knew that she had to act now and that too quite smartly. She told her son that she had been praying to God quite fervently and as a result, she got something that she wanted to give him. And then gave her child a magic coin as a result of her prayers. She told him to always keep that coin in his pocket and it would auto-correct everything he said and wrote and did. The child was elated to have got such an amazing magic formula. He always kept it with him, even while taking a shower. He started to secure better marks and performed well in elocution competitions being held in school.

The boy kept performing well in all competitions and over a period of time even managed to secure admission in one of the best colleges in the country. He excelled in whatever he put his mind and heart into. Later on, he joined a corporate, led teams and eventually joined politics and became a great speaker and leader. He was followed by millions of people and was a trending ‘thought influencer’. One day, to his utter shock, he could not find that special coin in his pocket. Devastated by imagining the consequences, all he could think about was, where could it possibly be?

He had to attend some seminars, give some presentations, which he did without the coin and naturally, they did not go well. He fumbled; he could not answer the questions properly. He rushed to his mother who understood the situation and gave him yet another coin, which she had saved for such an emergency. He kissed the coin and kept it in his pocket, careful and sure not to lose it again, and his success continued.

One day, he got a phone call from his mother asking him to come home immediately. She gave him an entire pouch full of coins and told him that the new coin isn’t a magic coin, and nor was the old one. They were all just normal coins, but since he thought that they were magic coins he was not scared anymore to say or do something. The thought that things cannot go wrong gave him confidence, and confidence is his magic coin.

She wanted him to know this, as she was not keeping well, and did not want to leave him supported on just a coin. Confidence in a person can make him achieve great heights both personally and professionally. Also, a mother’s love knows no bounds. It is selfless and unconditional.

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Priyanka Kanjilal

Priyanka Kanjilal

A computer graduate who is now a full-time writer, Priyanka feels that stories are a medium to narrate and share the various experiences of life.

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