The Raised Stakes

The Raised Stakes: A Short Story


That sound of the Facebook messenger notification came somewhere during the afternoon. Having just finished her lunch, she was just about to get up, to wash her hands.

She opened her laptop to find a message in her inbox. There it was a simple ‘Hi’ from a guy, a cute looking one, with mischievous eyes. There was something in that boy and the way he interacted with her that she could not put a finger to it but trusting him came naturally to her. The date got etched in her mind forever. She would never forget the date ever.

As interactions continued, they started sharing mundane information about each other. He was her ‘Mr. Vanish’ as he would keep uninstalling his Whatsapp account and deactivating his Facebook Account quite often.

Yes, she knew all about being cautious while interacting with strangers and not revealing much but somehow a lot of things were common between them. Perhaps that was why he slowly started earning her trust and could trust her as well, to some extent.

A year later…

She loved his voice and had him as her ring tone too, despite him telling her repeatedly that his voice was not good enough. She felt otherwise. For her, he was blessed with a good voice which could hold the ground even on higher notes and not turn squeaky like of a lot of others.

One fine day…she was with her friends when she bragged about this guy whose voice was like silk to the ears. While they laughed at her, she played the clip which was with her. The audience listened in complete silence. After it ended, one of her friends remarked that he had heard the song somewhere.

She was taken aback. Her internet friend had told her that it was his creation. Did he lie to her to gain her trust? Before really giving in to the notion she thought of asking him once to get things clarified and to restore her mental peace.

She: Can I ask you something? Hope you would answer me correctly. Do you remember you had sung a few lines of a song which you had written?

She: Did you really write those words or probably just lifted them off from somewhere?

He: Hiiii! Well, those were mine. I mean I did write them actually and none of them is a copy. I swear!

She: Are you sure? I just played the clip to a few of my friends and they bet they had heard it somewhere. If it is original I would raise the stakes.

He: Of course, just go ahead. Raise the stakes.

She: You really sure? Shall I go ahead and actually raise the amount?

He: Not possible. It is something that I have written and I am pretty sure they can’t match with any other song. In case they think to ask them to get the song. That should sort it out I guess. Just make sure that clip does not get released it is something which is very personal to me and I do not want it all out in the public.

She won the bet. The amount was 6000INR.

She had never met him. She had heard him maybe once or twice. To her, he was more of a person who could be interacted with only on a particular platform and not otherwise. There was no way of sending him some of the amounts back as there was no way of contacting him and she was sure he would definitely not entertain her stupid thoughts either.

She did not want to sound selfish, therefore she got eatables and clothes for the children who lived on the street outside her college. She hoped that the good wishes and gratitude would be for him. It was her way of repaying to him. A token of trust and thankfulness.

Sometimes it is not necessary to see or meet a person to place trust in them. The amount of trust given and taken is enormous and so profound that it defies norms and logic of course…

*****END OF STORY*****

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Priyanka Kanjilal

Priyanka Kanjilal

A computer graduate who is now a full-time writer, Priyanka feels that stories are a medium to narrate and share the various experiences of life.

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