Books That Will Inspire You As A Student

Books That Will Inspire You As A Student

Life doesn’t get easy in college, it demands passion, hard work and dedication. Three years ago, when I joined this roller coaster life of the college, I was pissed off from my life. I didn’t know how to manage my studies, save money and build a good resume.

Being a bibliophile, I learnt everything from books and self-help books are there to show you a way of how to live a life that you dream of. You will feel inspired and it will help you grow and unleash the hidden skills and creativity within you.

Here are some of the books that are inspirational, precise and provides some great tips on being successful in your career. I am sure these books will guide you to live a better life.

  • Life after college


Jenny Blake’s debut book covers everything a person needs to know in their college life and how you could put together a good resume profile. The books are divided into sections, providing some tips, coaching exercises and stories of college graduates. It’s a book cum journal, you get to learn about work, money, organization, relationships and much more. The journal exercises are my favourite, it brings out your inner thoughts and feelings. Jenny Blake also recommends some books that will help you to live an organized life.

  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad


Robert Kiyosaki is an educational entrepreneur, founder of Rich Dad Company and New York Times bestselling author. The book teaches you about personal finance which is a boring subject but the author has made it simple and easy to follow. It’s a must-read for the college students because sooner you learn about personal finance, the better it would be for your future. Robert Kiyosaki also developed a board game on the personal finance concept (Cashflow).

  • Leave your mark


If you need a mentor in life, leave your mark by Aliza Licht is one for you. The book talks about changing your career path, getting internships, how to deal with interviews and cover letter. Basically, if you need career growth, you have to learn some basic skills which are covered in this book.

  • Becoming


Becoming by Michelle Obama is one of the bestselling books of the year 2019. We all know Obamas are inspiring but do you want to know what’s more inspiring? Michelle Obama’s autobiography is divided into three sections, her childhood, how she met Barak Obama and how did she become the first lady. I love this book. Her childhood life is as inspiring as her adult life. I suggest it to everyone.

  • 5 AM Club

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Robin Sharma is a founder of Sharma leadership which helps employees to live an organized and successful life. He is the author of 15 bestselling books and his books have been translated into various languages. 5 am club is a motivational book, which will inspire you to join the 9% who wake early in the morning and get going. Robin Sharma will help and teach you to get your maximum work done in the mornings.


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