Friends – Poem of Truth


Every Once In A Life, We Make Friends

Sometimes They Turn Great, Sometimes Worse


Not Sure About The Trust

We Still Share Everything At First


Sharing, Caring Being Everything About The Bond

Whenever You Try To Look Over The Past


Friends Being Always The Backbone

In The Hard Times Whenever You Are Alone


Sometimes Even Great Decisions Turn Wrong

Friends You Make Turn Bad Than A Wound


But That Doesn’t Make World So Small

People Like Buddies Still Crave For Your Heart


And I Love You For Being My Friend

Unlike Others Being Snake Behind The Bond


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****End of Poem****

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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

2 thoughts to “Friends – Poem of Truth”

    1. I guess every one of us has lost someone at some point of our life 🙂 , Yet we all survive because that’s what life is all about 🙂

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