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‘Libido’ – A Bizarre Love Story ( Part 1 )

‘Libido’ – A Bizarre Love Story ( Part 1)

Note: If you are under 18 then please refrain yourself from reading the below short story as it contains some +18 sentences. Thank you πŸ™‚


‘Libido’ – A Bizarre Love Story is an un-ordinary love story between Hannah and Mahir. Hannah, a 34-year-old woman with a perfect figure of 36- 29-38. How any boy cannot fall for her beauty?

After all, she was a pulchritudinous woman hidden under that dress. Her eyes were full of stories which she never opened up to anyone. Hannah was beautiful enough to blow up anyone’s mind whosoever crossed her way. Though she wanted to show off her perfect figure but she always covered the curvy cleavage of her’s under that scarf as she was happily married.

That cleavage and lustrous body is what made Mahir look for lust, crushing the line of modesty between him and Hannah.

Mahir who was a 15-year-old school kid when puberty had just hit him and at the same time Hannah came into Mahir’s life as his brother’s wife. Mahir was too young and innocent those days to understand the difference between love and lust yet.

But Never he saw the seduction of Hannah come through his way until one day he realised some seductive changes in himself whenever he sees Hannah.

Though he wasn’t yet clear about the fact was it love? or lust? As he was still unknown to the term of lust.

Few Years passed, Mahir who was now a 20-year-old grown-ass man and had become really good friends with Hannah & much more than that, he had fallen for her in not an ordinary way which he didn’t saw coming and never realised it is a sinful act.

As Hannah was married and mother of two. Hannah also had fallen for Mahir, not in an ordinary way but somehow she could control herself but not so well. Whenever Hannah saw Mahir, even though not wanting to, she always seduced herself to Mahir by showing of her physique in an inappropriate way.

One day when Mahir was going to………(Stay tuned for Part 2)

***End Of Story******

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