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‘Libido’ – A Bizarre Love Story ( Part 2 )

‘Libido’ – A Bizarre Love Story ( Part 2 )

Note: If you are under 18 then please refrain yourself from reading the below short story as it contains some +18 sentences. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


Continuing From Part 1: Click Here.


One fine day Mahir received a call from Hannah.
Hey, Mahir, I have some work at home, Can you help me with it and come here.
The big brightening smile on Mahir’s face explained it all.

How excited he was to see Hannah and help her.
Yes, of course, I will come, Mahir replied instantly over the phone.
Hannah disconnected the call and corrected her dressing on the mirror as she was way too happy about the moment and never knew how bigger problem she is going to get herself into.
Mahir wore his boxers, T-shirt and went to Hannahโ€™s house which was at 10-min of walking distance
Mahir opened the gate and entered the house.
Hannah screamed from the second floor
Is that you Mahir?
Yes, it’s me Mahir replied back
Mahir realised Hannah is home alone which gave his thoughts more confidence to be fulfilled at any cost today.
Though whatever Mahir was thinking was very vicious and sinful but in lust, a man becomes blind crossing all the borders of modesty. Mahir straight away stepped up the stairs to the second floor and reached near the door of Hannahโ€™s room which was half-open.
Pushed the door a little and Mahir was inside the room. In the sky blue coloured, purple flower printed frock, she was sitting in the corner ironing the clothes.
But what stuck Mahir’s attention was the low cut blouse which did come low enough to offer a tease of a lacy black bra and bouncing cleavage, she was flaunting deliberately as she also was in the desire of seducing him to the bed today. But Mahir who was unaware of all this, thought he was the only one who had the feeling of lust over Hannah and Hannah never really had any intention regarding this.
Hannah,ย  Mahir please help me with this bed I want to relocate it to that corner
Ya sure why not Mahir replied
Hannah stood up and while bending she almost flaunted her chest to the Mahir who was staring at her with ghost-quiet eyes. Hannah was keeping her clothes in the cupboard when Mahir saw Hannah’s blue underwear on the ground and he silently picked it up and kept it in his pocket.
Hannah and Mahir remained busy in adjusting the bed when suddenly they both hit each other and Mahir almost kissed Hannah.
Hannah gave an awkward smile and Mahir was too happy about this but both remained silent.
Suddenly while putting back the bedding on the bed, the undies which Mahir had kept hidden in his pocket dropped on the floor and Hannah saw it

(Awkard silence***)

Hannah picked it up
Is it my un…?? Hannahโ€™s face turned red in anger

Tell me what is this Mahir ha?
As she approached forward towards Mahir to slap him hard.
Mahir collapsed down and put his elbows on the bed while sitting on the floor, rested his chin on his clasped hands and said
โ€œbecause I find you very beautiful, an irresistibly attractive woman, I wanted to be with you and make love with you very badlyโ€
Till now Hannah was flattered and lost in the ocean of lust which Mahir just served her with,
She almost forgot she is married and a mother of two. Bending down she picked up Mahir by holding him from his arms and whispered in his ears
Come on then ...
The mood was up
Mahir grabbed Hannah keeping his right hand on her back and another hand in her hand and danced as if they were dancing in a bar.
The moment was very special for both but sinful too which they didnโ€™t realise at the present.
Mahir suddenly put his both hands on Hannah’s neck and kissed her
Hannahโ€™s didnโ€™t resist and she too was enjoying the kiss for 5-6 minutes until Mahir picked Hannah up and dropped her on the bed.
Mahir who didnโ€™t want to lose any second of this million-dollar moment instantly unbuttoned his shirt and jumped over Hannah who was still dressed. Kissing her all over the body and lips. Hannah and Mahir were completely naked under the bedsheet and lost in the sensational mood of lovemaking.

As it was Mahir’s first time and losing all the control over his senses, Mahir lost control over his body too and he infused all the man fluids inside Hannah.
Mahir and Hannah were still lying on the bed without having any guilt or regret that how both of them ruined two families.
It was the best day of my life Mahir said while kissing on the forehead of the Hannah
Promise me that you will love me always Hannah replied back
For sure Mahir replied
It’s very late I should go as Mahir saw the wall clock ticking 4:00 clock
They both got dressed and Mahir left the room.
After some more lovemaking moments and months of being in the illegal extra-martial relationship
One fine day Hannah called Mahir
Stammeringly saying
We got a problem Mahir, Hannah said
What is it Mahir replied back?
I missed my periods and I am pregnant with your baby

Listening to this Mahir dropped his phone on the floor and was shocked to hear this
His face turned pale and disconnected the call
He missed 100 calls from Hannah and didnโ€™t know how to react
Finally, he decided to send a text to Hannah

โ€œI am done with you, please donโ€™t call me anymoreโ€

****End of the Story**********

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