The Chocolate House

The Chocolate House

Gracie, a girl with warm brown eyes, a freckled nose and a hair to match the colour of honey was of all but 4 years old. She studied in a school which made her smart and intelligent apart from being benevolent towards all. She loved her parents and always wanted them to gift her chocolates. She was loved by her parents in return who fulfilled all (well almost all) her wishes. Gracie was a pampered princess of her parents.


One day, while playing at her terrace, Gracie was coming down the stairs when she fell and hurt her right knee. With no one insight to help her, she started crying. She stopped crying when she felt that she was no longer alone. Her body stiffened. She turned around to find a fairy godmother smiling at her. Upon inquiry, Gracie slowly revealed the reason for her tears. The fairy listened patiently and disappeared with a promise that she will come whenever something was wrong. With her, even her pain was gone. Gracie was thrilled.

At school, the next day, one of her friends accidentally pulled her hair. Very soon she started crying, hoping to see the fairy again. And in a few minutes, the fairy was indeed there. She had indeed fixed up everything as she had promised. The fairy asked her the reason to cry. Upon knowing the reason, the fairy smiled and said, “Don’t bother about the smaller things in life. Look at the big picture”. Gracie could now visualize a large house made up of chocolate. Immediately she wished the same.

The fairy godmother was quite surprised at this unusual request. Nevertheless, she still smiled and asked the little girl whether she really wanted this and nothing else. Gracie promptly nodded her head in negative.

“So be it” and she waved her hand.

Meanwhile, at school…

Gracie was waiting for her mommy to pick her up from the school. As time trickled by, students left the school. Soon, the school started wearing a deserted look. Luckily her friend’s mother had come to pick up her daughter. Seeing Gracie sitting on the steps to the main building of the school the lady inquired.

“Hello dear, Can I drop you home today. I did not see your mother out today. Maybe she is busy and running some errands today.” Gracie agreed and went with the lady.

As she approached near the house, she realized with glee that her wish was granted. Her house, the entire house was made up of chocolates. She wanted to ring the bell, but that too was made up of chocolate. Slowly, she opened the door. Inside, everything was made up of chocolate. The sofa, the walls, the curtains on the windows, and her favourite chair near the fireplace too had turned into chocolate.

“Mummy, mummy”, she called out to her mother. But there was no response. Thinking that her mother would be there in the kitchen, she slowly walked towards the kitchen, carefully avoiding the chocolaty walls. As she entered the kitchen, she saw her mother, all brown and all of her made up of chocolate. As Gracie tried to shake hands with her mother, she accidentally broke off her mother’s thumb. Two great tears rolled down from her eyes. Gracie never wanted this. She wanted a house of chocolate, just the house. She never imagined that her mother too would turn into chocolate? She now turned around to find her father. She found him in the bedroom. Her father too had turned into chocolate. Gracie started crying as she was horrified.

Seeing Gracie cry, the fairy Godmother appeared. She smiled at Gracie and asked her “Oh! My dear, what is the matter with you? Why are you crying now?” The little girl replied sobbing “Fairy Godmother, my mother and father have turned into chocolate. I never wanted this to happen. All I wanted to be a house of chocolates. “
“Oh! But you parent to are a part of the house”

“Please change all this. I shall never ask for anything. But I want my mummy and daddy back”, replied Gracie.

The fairy Godmother smiled and waved her hand. And lo! Everything was back to normal. The fairy said “Listen dear, happiness and sadness are a part of our life and we must accept them graciously. Both make our life interesting and worth living for as they are in small proportions. And for a sorrow beyond measure, I will always be there for you to give you the strength to handle it bravely”.

She now understood the meaning of the fairy’s words completely and nodded her head in return. It is good to desire but a desire without a proper thought can be dangerous.


***** End Of Story******


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Priyanka Kanjilal

Priyanka Kanjilal

A computer graduate who is now a full-time writer, Priyanka feels that stories are a medium to narrate and share the various experiences of life.

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