A Returned Son

A Returned Son

It has been 15 days since raj left his home saying he doesn’t want to come back as he feels suffocated in there, where he lived for 25 years. He wanted to make his own rules in life and live independently without intervention of his parents or anyone else.

But leaving your parents and everyone else behind is never going to help you make a better and independent life. But people who turn 18 have their blood boiling and never really listen to people until they reach an age of maturity.

Till now I never really could understand what keeps going on inside raj’s mind and I personally was tired of explaining things to him in a better way. But one fine day after raj came home tired and hopeless.

I being a friend tried to inquire about the situation

Me: So didn’t got the job?

He didn’t give any reply

Raj leaned his head over the wall, eyes being watery and unexplained emotions made me realised that raj was indeed very sad but the reason for that, not being the job but something very important. He was hiding something. I tried to ask but he kept mum sealing his lips.

And suddenly he laid down keeping his head on my lap. Raj screamed, crying like a child and said:

I need to go back home. I need to go back home

Being alone and living an independent life for just 10-15 days he had already understood the importance of parents.

Few days after raj’s face was bright like the sun and he was very well comfortably travelling towards the airport going back to home. The decision he took after releasing the real facts of this mediocre society we live in.

Finally, Raj reached home, running towards his father and hugged him. The smile both father and son had on their faces was something, which can’t be written in words.

Raj’s father indeed had tears falling through his cheeks but also what he had was an ecstatic bright smile on his face.

After all, his Son had returned


*****End of Story******

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