An Adventure To Remember

An Adventure To Remember

Riya and five of her cousins, Ankit, Mukul, Preeti, Gul and Mohit were nearly the same age and had met for a cousin’s wedding in February. Soon after meeting, they planned a trip to a religious station Tijara near Alwar. They borrowed a car from a friend and packed about everything they needed apart from sunglasses, coke and chips along with an overdose of loud music. They started from Delhi early morning at 6:30 so they could to be back by evening to get ready and attend the sangeet ceremony.

They crossed Delhi, trying to speed the loaded little Maruti 800, had almost reached Dharuhera when they met a sudden and a lot of traffic, thinking it must be some toll point or a police barricade. With loud music playing in their car, they kept moving further and stopped when there was no space to move ahead. When it was more than an hour and they could not move an inch, only then they realized something was wrong. The guys went out to inquire and came to know that the local people were not getting electricity for 4 days and as a protest, they had blocked the roads. They came back to their car, but there was no scope of moving anywhere.

The girls requested the people to help them to reverse their vehicles while the guys drove in back gear, the jam was more than a kilometre and it took them three hours to get this sorted., Finally they started to head back to Delhi. While going back they saw a board with an arrow pointing on the right saying Tijara.

Excited, they took the turn. They travelled for almost an hour on a road under construction. After just half a kilometre a tire punctured, and the backup tire was also flat. With no shop, person or traffic on the road, Mukul carried one tire and walked for about 2 kilometres to get the puncture fixed and came back in an hour. They had moved almost another half kilometre when another tire punctured and this time it was Ankit. It was late evening already, they were hungry and tired and a little scared too. They moved further almost 2 kilometres and then another tire punctured. It was not possible to walk down five kilometres in complete darkness now, so they decided to leave the car there and walk and reach some inhabited place for some help.

It was late in the night and not much of help seemed to be coming their way. The locals were not quite friendly to begin with. They initially started asking money in an indirect manner which slowly took the form of threatening to either part with the money or be on their own. With girls with them, the guys did not want to take any chances, but the more they were calm the more the locals were insistent on being given an exorbitant amount of cash to spend the night safely. The guys were unsure of whether they should do so, but Mohit felt otherwise. He thought that they should give the local goons whatever they had as it was a matter of their security. But Gul was quite sceptical and felt that the situation may not change even after giving them all they had.

They thanked the locals and the goons too for whatever they did and slowly started walking back to their car on the pretext of getting something to eat despite the locals offering them food items which they politely refused. After walking for some time they found a crossing. It was almost about 3 kilometres, and they took help from a truck, the only vehicle that stopped on a call of unknown people in the middle of the night to Tijara. The next morning, they headed home after calling their parents and rescuing the car.

Reaching home safely was quite an achievement as the road was known to be quite dangerous. They had missed the sangeet ceremony but they were happy that they were safe, The parents were quite scared when they were told of the accidents and the nefarious activities that took place on the short cut to Tijara road. Since the children were not locals and never really knew much about the roads and the location, therefore, they were not aware that the road was dangerous. Since nothing much happened to the children, the parents refrained from making police complaints.

*****End of Story****

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