Beauty and Conscience

Beauty And Conscience

The book “Man in Love” By Karl Ove was marked on page 201 and I was keenly trying to read it with the thought of completing it today while waiting for my metro station to come. It was Sunday and metro wasn’t that booked. Most of the people around me were busy on their phone, I being the odd one out with my phone in the pocket and reading a book.
3:15 pm on my wristwatch and metro stopped on a station and people waiting boarded the metro including a girl who was very young, twenty-three maybe. As she stepped into the metro. I instantly could sniff the fresh smell of soap and shampoo as if she had just taken a bath and went out. As she approached the empty seat just opposite to me. My concentration was lost over reading and deviated towards her attire. With a scarf over her head, red lipstick, fair complexion, her face was covered with thick makeup powder. She was wearing a cream coloured kurti with a pink shalwar and a grey sandal.

Without realizing I was in the public I started looking into her deep. Her chest was well-formed, her waist had a little fat lump which added to her beauty, her legs crossed over other and swinging. While I was internally mesmerizing her physical beauty. She also noticed that I was staring at her and gave me a look with sharp open eyes and looked away through the window.
I didn’t care about it as I was already very high on eros and craving for her. She was unable to sit still on the seat which made me realise she is getting uncomfortable but I didn’t think much over it and continued doing it.she was twisting her fingers and crushing her teeth too much trying to resist my harassment.

I finally managed to get over her upper body and dreaming bad enough about it. I leaned my eyes downwards towards her lap where she had kept her black bag hiding her well developed private part. While I tried much to sneak into it but couldn’t.
I don’t know what happened suddenly when she slapped me and directly said into my eyes
“ Hey Brother ! can you please look into your book rather than staring into me”
Everyone around me was looking at me with shamefulness, and my conscience was now scolding me.
I stood up and deboarded the metro while wiping off the sweat from my forehead

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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

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