Dear Future Wife

Dear Future Wife

I happen to be 25 now & haven’t found you yet. Today i don’t know what made me write this, maybe because i am too alone today & i really felt your absence which made me realise i am nothing without you. At this point of extreme loneliness, sadness, heartbreaks and rejections i faced till now made me understood that the real reason of me being heartbroken at the end even after giving my best of loyalty is because Almighty has created you and me in pair.

He doesn’t want me to waste my pristine love on someone who isn’t going to be with me till the last dawn. Though i know somewhere on this earth you are also praying for us to meet soon but my faith is getting weaker day by day because i don’t know whether even God has created you for me or not. I am afraid that maybe I have to die without being loved & make love to someone who will share my past, present and future. I try to imagine you in my every dream and yet I fail to compile your extraordinary beauty, attire and love in my canvas.

I know you will also be expecting me to be a handsome guy with strong physical muscles, But I am really sorry to break it to you that I am just ugly looking guy, with average physical looks. And believe me, it’s not me discouraging myself.it’s what my people’s experience has taught me. I assure you, I might not be a guy with big muscles and smart-looking attire but I have a pure heart full of love and loyalty which I can give it to you. Also being honest to you I may have fallen for someone in my past or been in few relationships but trust me I haven’t touched or made love with any.

Because I have kept that gold of mine to be delivered in a pristine package. Now if I won’t stop now, I will end up writing on all the papers that this universe has because you don’t know how much I miss you and how much I love you. Come Soon


Future ( If life remained)

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