wonder woman

I Am The Real Wonder Woman

I Am The Real Wonder Woman

The crowd around her was roaring, cheering and clicking videos to upload on the internet. Olivia was on the floor covered in blood and dirt. Every time she tries gets up, her opponent kicked her down. Everybody knows Jessica Smith is a bitch, she doesn’t let anyone win the game. But Olivia Spencer had been a star in her high school and she wants to keep this title in college too.

Olivia tries to get up one more time and Jessica picks up the chair to slam it on her head but as soon as she tries to bang it on her head, the next thing everyone knows is Jessica is thrown out of the ring with a force. That one blow knocked her off. Everybody is shocked, even Olivia. Everyone is trying to figure out what actually happened.

The next morning, as Olivia wakes up she sees her video everywhere on the internet, titled as the “real wonder woman”. She watches the video intensely, without any physical touch, she threw her out of the ring. She tries to study her hands, beat them with wall to see what would happen? But she couldn’t figure out anything. Her mom had been calling her from downstairs but she was not listening.



“Olivia, I been calling you from the last five minutes”, her mother says when she opens the door.

“There are media outside waiting for you, they say you did some magic yesterday”

“Mom! I don’t want to meet anyone, I didn’t know what happened, I just…….”

“You what”, said her mom having a confused look on her face.

“I just put my hands forward in defence and the next thing I know is Jessica was on the floor”.

For a few minutes, nobody said a word. Her mother quickly went outside to shoo off the media and tiptoed inside the room again. Her mother had been hiding the secret for a long time but she thinks it’s the right time to reveal the truth.

“Olivia! I need to tell you something”.

Her daughter looked up at her face, searching for the answers she knew she would get it from her mother. She nodded her head.

“I had a friend who used to work on some radioactive material and she mutated my DNA genes with that radioactive material”. Her mother’s skin went pale while revealing the story

“Mom! How could you let anyone mess up with your genes?” Olivia was fuming in anger.

Her mother started crying, “I don’t know, I was young, I was eighteen and pregnant with you. I needed some cash to keep myself alive”.

Olivia couldn’t control her anger, she was now screaming, “And? And you didn’t think what effect it would have on me.”

“I wanted to keep you alive, that’s it. My friend knew the consequences, she said it wouldn’t get triggered until a certain age”. She tried to touch her daughter but Olivia dashed her hand and with a certain force her mother was thrown off the chair.

Olivia started to cry, “See Mom! Look what you did to me.”

For the next three days, it felt like Olivia and her mother were mourning. The house went completely silent, even the windows didn’t creak. Olivia started to look for genetic mutation over the internet when she came to know about more people like her who work for Dr. Euan York. She mailed him to know if she could go back to her normal life. Dr. Euan told her to meet him and the next morning she was sitting in his office.

“Doctor, I don’t need these superpowers, please do something….”

The doctor smiled at her. He looked calm as if he was not dealing with this for the first time, “Ms Spencer, you see this energy in you can’t be destroyed or changed”.

Olivia looked at him for a long time, she wanted to cry but she can’t cry in front of an old man. Dr.Euan broke the silence and said, “Accept the change and help those who need you”. Dr.Euan asked her to follow him, he needed to show her something.

Olivia got up from her chair and followed the old man. The doctor took her to the labs, where a young man was working out. His brown skin was glittering with sweat. He stopped when he saw the doctor coming.

“Hi! Doctor, I suppose you have brought me a new friend”. The young man winked at Olivia.

Dr. Euan beamed his toothless smile, “Yes! She is Olivia Spencer and Ms Spencer he is Jason Coombs, his hands can melt the iron.

Olivia was scared but she managed to smile.

Dr. Euan turned to Olivia and said, “Olivia! Would you like to work for us? We save the world from criminals and attackers”.

Olivia was not sure but she had no other option, she knew if she would go back, she would become entertainment for other people and here she could do something worthy to live for.

She began to speak nervously, “Yes! I will work here, I think I would love to be the real wonder woman”.

The trio looked at each other and was ready to start the new journey.

*****End Of Story*****

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