If I Was Yours- Part 1

If I Was Yours- (Part 1)

Every Thursday ended the same at Eastbay High School, with a pep rally after the last period. Zoe and I meet near the old bridge to spend some time together. Today I was running late. Zoe said she needed to tell me something. But she still hadn’t shown up at the bridge, where we agreed to meet. Where are you? I texted, bouncing on the balls of my feet impatiently. Coming, she replied. She came after five minutes.

“Hey,” I said hugging her

She didn’t put her arms around me, “Hi, Reggie. Sorry. I was with Anna.”

“Actually, I don’t know how to tell you this. But past few months have been rough for us, for our relationship.”

“And?” I stood paralyzed, bracing myself for the next sentence.

“And I think we don’t love each other anymore, I think let’s end it here?”

I was staring her for a long time. She was waiting for my answer but I loved her. I love her. I reached for my backpack and walked away from her. She was calling me but I know Zoe, when she says she wants to end something she means it and nothing can change her mind. I couldn’t breathe, it felt like Zoe took my life, my oxygen, my reason to live.

There are fifteen missed calls and ten text messages on my phone. Nathan had been calling me to know why didn’t I showed up on dance practice, I immediately texted him, she broke up with me. Some messages were from Zoe to know if I was okay. Nathan texted if I am alright and I replied yes but I am not okay. She blew up five years of relationship. I needed a distraction so I opened up my Instagram account and the first thing that popped up was Zoe’s picture kissing Justin Parry, the caption said, ‘my man’. I shut down my laptop, how can I be so dumb? Zoe always wanted me to become like Justin, Mr Popular.

The next morning, I didn’t feel like going to school, facing Zoe, her hand in Justin’s hand as they walk together in school premises. Mom and Dad kept asking me if everything was alright, I assured them everything is fine. It felt horrible sitting in a room where once Zoe and I thought of getting married. I wanted to clear my mind so I went out to get some ice cream.

The ice cream shop was ten minutes away from my house. As I walked in, a familiar face whom I recognize from school took my order. I know her, Zoe used to tell me about her.

“Hi, Reggie.” She said, smiling at me.

I squinted my eyes to lay emphasis on my memory.

“It’s August McCoy.”

I smiled at her. Now I remember her. August is a simple girl, beautiful, always wearing bright colours. Zoe used to say she is always optimistic, her nose stuck in a book and she had never dated anyone. I waved at her. When I was leaving, she called me and said she felt bad when I and Zoe broke up. I looked down and carried on.

I spent my whole day in a park. It was evening time now and I still didn’t want to walk inside the house. I watched the couples hanging out in the park, sitting under the tree and sharing their secrets and then there was her, August McCoy sitting under the tree alone, reading a book. August looked up from the book and caught me staring at her. She waved at me and asked me to join her.

She shut the book quickly and made a space for me, “Reggie, are you okay?”

I felt like crying, but I nodded. She began to talk about love, books and life but I didn’t hear a word.

I was home at 7:00 pm. August is really optimistic. She is like the brightest star on the darkest night. Nathan texted me Congratulations. For what? Somebody had tagged me in a photo on a School couples group. I guess somebody didn’t know that I and Zoe broke up. But when I saw the picture, I was numb. I wasn’t with Zoe. It was August and me sitting under the tree. August’s hand on my shoulder and I was looking down. Who took that picture? The caption said, ‘New couple Alert’

August texted me, Hey! Do you have any idea who did that? I replied back, No. I am sorry. She called me and I picked her phone straight away. We talked for an hour, guess who could spy on me? Then she came up with an idea. I agreed. We are going to have a fake relationship?

I didn’t sleep at night, it was six in the morning and August texted me, Will meet you at the school gate? I replied OK and she replied back with hearts emoji. As decided August met me at the school gate. She is wearing a yellow dress with a faded blue jean jacket. I hug her and whisper in her ear, “People are watching, so I had to do this.”

When we walked inside the premises, everyone’s eyes are on us. Zoe’s is with Justin but she turns around to look at us. I take August’s hand in mine and she looked at me and smiled. During the lunch break, August and I sit together. I can see Zoe shifting in her seat. August notices Zoe too. She said, “You know your ex is getting jealous.”

I looked at her perplexed, “What? No. She is happy with Justin.”

She ruffles my hair and laughs, “No, she is jealous of us. Her eyes were fixed on me during English class and when the class was over, I heard she was saying I am not your type.”

I hide my smile behind the sandwich, “Then why would she? Anyways, this is getting interesting. Have you thought what our next move is?”

She nods her head and we decided to meet near the park in the evening.


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