If I Was Yours – Part 2

If I was yours- Part 2

Continued From Part 1

I met August at the park. She was sitting on a bench holding a journal. I sat next to her.

“So we need to go to places together so that no one could doubt us.” She started to write again and when she was finished, she handed me her journal, “Your turn?”

I looked at the journal, she had written down three things she wanted us to do together and now it was my turn.

  1. Ride a Ferris wheel.
  2. Make a couple video.
  3. Spend a day in a library together.

I thought about three things and jotted it down on the list.

  1. Pick out each other’s outfit.
  2. Attend the Prom together.
  3. Dance together on my favourite song.

August smiled while looking at the journal, “What’s your favourite song?”

Thinking out Loud. Umm…. Actually it was You’re still the One and I wanted to dance with Zoe on prom night but now you are with me and I don’t want to dance anymore on this song so, it’s my second favourite song.” I said smiling at her.

She looked hurt, I can see it in her eyes. But then she smiled and all the hurt faded away. I took out my phone and clicked our picture together. I put it on Instagram and wrote ‘My August smiling brightest.’

August agreed to wear the outfit that I selected for her. I want our outfits to match. So I picked a white crop top with a black skirt for August. August picked the oversize white t-shirt, black jeans and a white cap for me. We paired it with white sneaker shoes. Honestly, August looked beautiful. Everyone was talking about us and as August tells me Zoe is not liking it.

August and I are going to ride on a Ferris wheel together after school. When I met her after school, she still looked fresh and as usual her smile would brighten up the whole world. I got cotton candy and bubble blowing stick for her. I swear I have never seen any girl getting excited about cotton candy and bubble blowing. We enjoyed the ride of the Ferris wheel. She was happy. I was happy too I guess.

Only ten days left for the prom night. August posted our couple video on Instagram, making a heart with our hands, while our arms are crossed. Another picture was us in the library, she was reading and I was staring at her. I noticed she has an ocean colour eyes. A few weeks before, August confessed that she had a crush on me since the beginning of high school. I don’t know I felt proud hearing this, I never thought a smart girl with pretty eyes and infectious smile would have a crush on me.

“So are you ready?” I asked her as I was looking for the song on my phone.

“Yes.” She answered. She was nervous. I looked at her and laughed.

“What?” She asked

“Nothing, why are you tapping your foot, you’re nervous?” She made faces and the song started playing. For the next three hours, we were rehearsing in my favourite song. I felt happy when August was near me.

“Hey, what are you wearing on the prom night?”

I squinted my eyes and smiled, “mm… that’s a surprise”

Two days after August and I were going out to the prom. Zoe texted me yesterday saying, she wants to meet me. We met at the coffee shop and Zoe was crying, I put my arms around her and snap! Someone posted our picture, I called August but she didn’t pick up, I went to her house but her mom said she was not home yet. I found her in the park, reading a book.

“Why aren’t you answering my calls?”

She looked up, her eyes are puffed up. She had been crying. “I didn’t want to.”

“Listen I know you have seen that picture but we were……..”

She shut her book, got up and walked away.

I have been sending messages to August but she didn’t respond. It was heartbreaking. At the evening, I called her again to know if she was coming but she didn’t pick my call. Nathan texted, Dude, do you know who was behind that school couple group? I replied back, No? Nathan replied after a few minutes, Zoe. Justin blurted it out in front of one of the classmates. I couldn’t believe Zoe was spying on me, putting my pictures out on the Instagram and plotting to separate me and August. I don’t know if August is coming but I sent her a text that I would wait for her near the gate.

I wore a black tuxedo, I waited for her near the gate. An hour passed, she didn’t come but then I saw her, August McCoy, wearing a glittery black dress with a lower back. Her hair was tied in a bun.

She came running towards me, “I am sorry. I thought…… Anyways, it’s just a fake relationship.”

I stepped closer to her and said, “August I love you, we may be in a fake relationship, but let’s make it real.”

She looked up in my eyes. I held her hands, kissed her forehead.

“August McCoy, Will you be my forever?”

She laughed and hugged me. “Yes,” she whispers.

We danced on thinking out loud and we laughed and laughed. Together. Forever.

****End Of Story****

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