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My Hate Story – Chapter 2

My Hate Story – Chapter 2

Continued From [Part 1]

I cannot go back to feeling like a piece of shit cannot live on his mercy anymore. I saw him getting closer and closer, held his leather belt in his hand. I still have the bruises from last week’s encounter with leather.

I do not make the best decisions under pressure. I am just so damn scared I can feel my heart collapsing. I heard my name repeatedly, but I just stood there only this time I had the leather belt to my back, his voice grew loud as he was getting closer.
I couldn’t comprehend what happened at that moment. I couldn’t stop smiling as I saw the blood flowing. I do not know why I felt no remorse I felt great. The muffled screams brought some satisfaction that I’d been missing from my life. I must cling to that feeling. I cannot let him die like this. I tried to keep him alive for as long as possible. I wanted to have fun with him. I took out the knife and took all his nails out and preserved them at someplace special. Oh, his painful screams are just like the music to my ears. I am uncertain if I want this fun to end.

His pain was soo soothing to my ears that I almost forgot I had to kill him so that I could lead my life my way.
I took his hand and dragged him towards the kitchen. I am so excited about what I am going to do to you after narrating all my plans. I chopped his arm off after 30 seconds of screaming and yelling he looked dead now what am I supposed to do with all this meat. I sure as hell am not going to eat it. I decided to cut him into small pieces and dump him into an ocean.
I cleaned the house and took his car with me bought a one-way plane ticket to New Hampshire.
Everything was going perfect till I heard the floorboard squeak. I turned around and went to look inside the house by the time I got back to Peter’s body. It wasn’t there.
I lost my cool and ran to my home.
All the rush has washed off now. The guilt is finally coming back to me.
I don’t know if I can handle this. Maybe I need a break.
I decided on a solo trip to New York.
I have to be very decisive to conclude this day. I am going to make sure that the death of this person should not link to me in any way.
I need to get off that stupid App first.

****End of Story*****

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