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My Hate Story – Chapter 3

My Hate Story – Chapter 3

Continued From Part 2

She’s standing outside my apartment looking gorgeous. She finally agreed to let me paint her. I don’t think she understood what I meant. I wanted to paint the vulnerability and what’s beyond the smile that she perfectly plasters every morning before going out. What I wanted was to make her understand, it’s okay if you don’t want to smile every day. I let her in and asked her if she did not realize what I meant. She humbly smiled and asked “why is it that a girl who dresses in Pj’s is supposed to have a lot more than just Pj’s but a girl who dresses up and manages to do all the work and doesn’t let anyone question her fails to meet the eye of an expert such as you. Why can’t that girl have a personality beyond the makeup that she wears?” The question seems completely valid, although when I ask to paint someone, I do not just paint what’s on outside I like to bring out what the world is missing. I don’t expect you to understand my point of view and I’ll concede if you never call me again. I’m sorry I can’t paint such an unreal image of someone when I have seen the reality.

It has been days she’s not returning my calls. She has always been the definition of a perfect friend I miss her. She had her philosophies and ideologies from as long as I remember meeting her. I remember the one time we both got super high. She said something very bizarre about mosquitoes. She said that she believes mosquitoes are souls trapped in tiny hideous creatures. I just sat there listening to her blabbering on and on about mosquitoes and their trapped souls. I have been in love with her since the 7th class.
Here, I was spilling my emotions all over the place I heard the doorbell. It’s Ellie. I unlocked the door and humbly asked that “what she was doing here?” She said I’m here for you to paint me. With this declaration, she removed her coat and stood completely naked before my eyes.
I stood there shocked, trying to make sense of Ell visiting me like that. Ere I could speak anything, Ell spoke with tears in her eyes “you did not want any materialistic layers.”

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