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My Hate Story- Chapter I

My Hate Story- Chapter I

The world we live in isn’t exactly a safe space. Before facing the cruel world we all put on our masks we feel comfortable in. We are not aware who could have a hidden skeleton in their closets. You never know the sweet neighbour you’re fond of could be a necrophiliac. The teacher your son admires could be a child molester. We all show our true colours to people we trust, but some of us out there have got major trust issues who can not comprehend being a rebel or someone the society will not be happy to accept. All of us are only trying to be safe, loved and accepted
Every once in a while, one of us decides to push their limits and tries to find comfort in something utterly discomforting. How often do we pass judgements without considering the whole situation, but, I am not one of those people? I like to think I’m better than that.
Here, I am trying new things, I have never dated before in my life and I really want to give it a shot and that is the reason I made my profile, on this dating app talked to a few guys and have finally decided to meet someone. I am the kind of person who’s been vicariously living their life through their best friends and gosh, I am excited it’s my first time and I’ll finally have something to share other than just sitting with my friends, listening and nodding to their stupid adorable couple bits.
It’s 7:45 and we agreed on 7:30, where the hell is he? I was talking to myself when I saw a very old man coming in my direction dressed up as described by the guy I was so excited to meet, I do not want my first date to be an old man I thought to myself. Then my phone rang and his name pops on the screen and I picked up the call and he told me that he’s sent a chauffeur to pick me up and he has planned something special for me. These words were the music to my ears and after listening to this I couldn’t control my smile and I was grinning like there’s a hanger stuck inside my mouth.

The chauffeur approached me and very subtly I tried to hide my smile, politely nodded and sat in the car and while, I was in the backseat of the car I was back inside my head weaving the conversations so that my date goes well. Here I was weaving all the thoughts and we have reached in his driveway and here I am standing in front of his door trying really hard to pace myself before ringing the bell.
Finally, I rang the doorbell and I was expecting him to open the door but his made came, okay. I guess that’s acceptable since he’s sending chauffers to pick up his date.
Sir, will be down in a minute. Meanwhile, would you like to have a drink? Asked the maid.
Water will be good I said.
Here I was looking through the hallways of his gigantic house and strangely enough, there are no photos of his or his family members. By the time, I started suspecting something fishy going on there arrived the maid with the glass of water I asked for.
I was getting impatient and uneasy every next minute, so I asked the maid: “how long do I have to wait?”
“Any minute now,” she said
I took a sip and nodded politely and then I heard footsteps from the opposite side of the living room by the time he reached towards me All of a sudden I started feeling very dizzy.
Now I am actually feeling very uneasy and that was the last thought before I woke up after complete 36 hours.
The feeling that I had after I woke up was overwhelming, it was just too much to process. I did not know what to feel, should I be heartbroken or is my trust shattered now but did I even give him my heart or trust. The only thing that I knew is that I do not like to be scared and that’s the only familiar feeling I had. I was dreading to even move, then I saw him he was standing there and I don’t know why but I thought that maybe he’s here to save me but from who, before I could even figure out what was happening, I realized I am not wearing anything, I had this feeling I just did not know what to think because I couldn’t move I couldn’t speak. I was angry, I was disappointed, sad and a lot more things. I have never been so scared in my life, I did not know whether I am going to live or I’ll be dead or worse could happen. I had this feeling like my head was gonna explode.
Then I heard him say, “I enjoyed our time together and I’m going to keep you here with me.”
What enjoyment I thought to myself and is this guy for real I was passed out for last 36 hours what time he could have possibly enjoyed and what the hell does he mean he’s gonna keep me here what am I a pet or a toy that he could keep for himself.

My chain of thoughts is again interrupted by him and wow, he is putting me onto a leash. what the hell why am I only thinking and not doing anything about it. He sat down beside me and said I’m not to move without his permission from now on he owns me.
That was the moment I knew I had to do something, I am not a pet to keep on a leash. As soon as he untied my hands and my feet, I pushed him with all the strength I had and ran like hell. By the time I was in the stairway I realized this isn’t the place I came too, this place has pictures and a lot of them and this place is like a museum full of porn and when ib stepped foot on the first stair to go down I saw I’m not the only one undressed and on a leash, all these poor girls were walking on fours. not just girls but some of the boys too I just couldn’t help but pity myself for what I had gotten into. I just couldn’t move to look at all this but of course, I do not want to be someone’s pet so I ran in the opposite direction and then I bumped into him. I was dreading even looking at him he held me by my hair and dragged me down to the living room where everyone was staring at me like I’m some piece of meat. I kept crying and pleading to let me go but none of them came forward to help (now I can say was quite obvious) but what I heard from one of them was to punish me for not being disciplined and that did happen, my punishment was I was tied to a cross and each bodily hair was plucked out of me without considering a great deal of pain I was in.
All the pets I had sympathy for they just pointed and laughed, like a bunch of stupid 9-year-olds. This wasn’t the punishment enough after the hair plucking was done I had to blow every man present in the room and at first, I resisted and then I felt a strong ringing sensation on my ass. So I did what I was told by the time I was done with all the men, women wanted me to serve them as well. I just didn’t lose my virginity that night I lost my self. I just wanted to die but I was just so afraid, I couldn’t even think of killing myself because what if I did not die then I do not know what these people will do to me.

The next day, I woke up on the bed with silk sheets and I stood up and got dressed and tried to sneak out of that house and I was unsuccessful obviously, what the hell was I thinking. Again I was punished, this punishment wasn’t sexual, he made me sit on the couch and then burned my legs with a steam iron. I couldn’t utter a word, I couldn’t cry rather he made me smile and said if I didn’t smile the next place steaming iron will be on my lips. I smiled through my tears.

The third day I was cleaning the dishes and I broke a glass so he just came to me held my hand, took out a nail from my pinky finger, and gave it to me to put it in a safe place as he might need it someday.

By each passing day, I was losing the will to live or fight. I do not remember ever being so scared of a petty human, I do not like this feeling what I’ll do wrong and what will happen to me next. Should I just live like this or do something.
What the hell do I do?, What can I possibly do?.
It’s been almost a month here, I wonder if people are worried about me. What if I ask him and he’ll let me make a call to my friends and family. I have been so good for the past couple of days. I haven’t talked back at him, I wear my leash all the time and I walk on all fours when asked. I heard footsteps approaching then I wore my leash and got on all fours. I miss my people so much I just want to talk to them. A tear rolled down to my cheeks as soon as he entered the room. He came towards me and asked to stand up then licked that tear and said get ready you’re going on a play date today.
I stood up got ready and took my place in the dating area and there was this beautiful boy who was about my age with black hair, brown eyes perfect nose, and had this sharp jaw and he was continuously gazing at me. This made me a little uncomfortable so to make him stop from doing that I politely smiled at him.
He did not appreciate it and went ahead and told Peter about it. Peter did not like it as well he came at me slapped me hard that I feel on the floor and then ripped off my clothes and then offered me to all the masters present.
All the time when I was there I kept thinking maybe I did something to upset him. It took me a while, to understand on this play date I was the game that was supposed to be played.
I knew if I resisted, it is going to be worse then it already is so I decided to participate wholeheartedly. If I am going to be fucked by numerous men in one night, I might as well enjoy it.

Later that night Peter, scarred my whole body with a fork and asked to enjoy it, I tried and I tried to react differently but I couldn’t all I could do was stand there not making a sound (but screaming on top of my lungs in my head). Blood was dripping all over the floor and carpet he did not let me clean myself and tied me to a bed took out his cane and started hitting my inner thighs my vagina was dripping and the sheet was soaking wet and in that moment I hated myself the most I did not want my body to react the way it did his cruelty was not a turn on to me. That night he fucked me senseless till I had trouble breathing.
I wasn’t in the right mind to think anything so I just passed out all the blood loss and weakness made me dizzy.
The next morning, when I woke up, I found myself in a cage. I started looking at the door with tears filled in my eyes waiting for him to come and let me out I kept looking at the door for hours but he did not come. When I realized this was one of the punishments that I was about to receive for yesterday. I took a moment and looked back at my life, this was never part of my master plan. I wasn’t supposed to be some pet or slave on a leash. At that moment I knew I just had to do something.
I don’t know what but I had to do something.
Later that afternoon Peter came to let me out and I noticed he was in a good mood. So, I told him I wanted to leave everything and get back to my life. After listening to this he stood up closed the door and came at me with his leather belt. The minute I saw that look on him I took my words back and yet my words couldn’t stop leather to leave impressions onto my skin. Every night I used to ask the same question “what are you really afraid of, you know if he caught you, he’ll punish you but will not kill you but if you succeed you’ll be free.”

It has been over a week, and Peter hasn’t set foot in front of me to harass me mentally or physically. Does that mean I am free to go?
I am sure as hell not gonna ask Peter. I will sneak out after the maid leaves and Peter has fallen asleep. I’ll drug him at the dinner table so he’s fast asleep and I can leave this place. Finally, I have a plan to implement I am smiling like a normal person today.
On the dinner table, I added some drug to Peter’s plate I am not sure of the side-effects but he’ll be asleep by the time I am ready to go.
Peter had his food and went to bed and by the time I was done eating he was sleeping like a baby. I was smiling like a fool and was ready to go. I saw someone’s shadow by the door.
“Oh, no-no. This can’t be Peter I just saw him sleeping like a baby.”
I saw the shadow coming closer to me and I felt, my heart was gonna crawl out of my throat.
I cannot go back to feeling like a piece of shit, I cannot live in fear anymore……..

(To be continued……)


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