Never Too Late

Never Too Late

Jiya, was an intelligent young lady, who wasn’t very beautiful, courtesy chickenpox and dusky complexion. She was the eldest among two sisters. She was used to not being the cynosure of all and was often found alone with her books and earphones and no friends in sight.
Jiya’s parents were searching for a suitable boy for her, though they knew it was a tough task. Many had come and rejected her. Though none had mentioned the reason clearly, her parents knew the real reason. Every Sunday they would wait for the matrimonial column and encircle the suitable prospects. In the weekdays, they would write to each of the encircled contacts.

Each communication ended with sending Jiya’s pictures. They were on the verge of giving up hopes of getting Jiya married when they got a response. Suresh was a less educated businessman having a small showroom of electrical goods. They invited his family over to meet. The meeting went well and it was settled. Desperation forced Jiya’s parents not to check any further and they got her married at the first auspicious date available.

Just the day after the wedding, he told Jiya, that he has fallen in love with Jiya’s sister and wants to marry her. Jiya confronted him and his mother too, as to why did they let him marry her if he wanted to marry her sister. Jiya called up her father, who immediately brought Jiya back home, and told her “Convince yourself, my girl, that you were never married!”

Poor Jiya was startled by this shock, but her parents wanted her to become financially independent, and gain self-confidence. Jiya started studying law, and brilliant as she was, she did great. She was in her final year when Suresh came and apologized to her. Jiya longed to have a family of her own after her younger sister had also got married, so even after strong resistance from parents, she agreed to go back with Suresh.

She came to know in a few days, that Suresh had lost his entire business to drinking and partying. His mother had expired, and his father had broken bonds with him. Jiya wanted to support him, she started giving tuitions out of a small garage converted home and earned to sustain them both. She cleared her law exams and started an internship that was compensated with a small allowance. She ran weekend tuition classes to sustain the finances while Suresh would still just drink and sleep.

Jiya was expecting her second child when she came to know about her husband’s extra-marital affair. This left Jiya devastated, she felt being used, she felt being exploited as an earning, cooking and cleaning device, while all she was looking for love and respect. This gave her immense courage to break free, from the shackles of appearance and social acceptance. Jiya packed her bags, took her child along and left for a bigger and better city to work with the best lawyers and make a life of her own.

****End of Story****

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Priyanka Kanjilal

Priyanka Kanjilal

A computer graduate who is now a full-time writer, Priyanka feels that stories are a medium to narrate and share the various experiences of life.

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