7 Shortest Short Stories

7 Shortest Short Stories

With more and more technology erupting in our day to day lives, We humans have lost our patience whether it being a 6-year-old kid or 70-year-old man. Coming to reading books or stories we have lost our patience too in terms of reaching to the end page by page.

So here I am listing some shortest short stories you can read in no time and enjoy the ending without any cliffhanger.

  1. An Unusual Incident :

It was a usual working day and I was walking towards the bus stop back from my office. I usually wait for an empty bus so that I can get a seat of my choice. I boarded a bus and sat down. After a while bus started moving and I, as usual, took out of my earphones, and started listening to music while observing the regular roadside chaos from the window. As the bus reached

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2. In Short Conversation With Almighty :

Once there was this boy who climbed up on the hill and asked Almighty:

He: Why everyone is lost and tears in their eyes?

Almighty replied: Because they have expectations from people not from me.

He: What is peace according to you?

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3. The Curse of Poor :

The Sharma family was well known for their discipline, educational background and good reputation in the society. Everyone in their family was highly educated with every one of them very well settled. The Sharma family had 6 members; The Sharma uncle himself, his wife, his three sons, and one daughter.

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4. 3 Friends & The Deception :

I was driving and roaming around the lake with Tahir on my side seat who was lost in daydreaming while peeping his head outside the car window. Tahir returned to his hometown yesterday after serving outside the state for so many years. Now God knows in which organization and never have I asked him anyways.

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5. Rainbow Of Hope :

As her eyes surveyed the shop, she tugged at her daddy’s hand urging him to go ahead and search other shops. As he looked down, he saw ten small and chubby little fingers secured around his hand. Daddy wanted to buy his daughter, Piu, a raincoat but the young lady was adamant. She had wanted an umbrella but..

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6. The First Last Date :

So, I will meet you at 2 O’clock – Sara Texted

With a grin on his face, Tom couldn’t control his happiness. Sara finally agreed to meet him for the very first time.

Sara and Tom were…

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7. A Tragic Text :

Riya and her family recently returned back home from abroad after the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Riya’s family which consists of her parents and one elder sister. After they reached to their hometown, as per the administrative rules they were kept in quarantine until the results of the whole family came negative for COVID-19.

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