A Letter From Myself In 2030

A Letter From Myself In 2030

By/: Mohammad Taha Fayaz
Dear Me,
Hello from 2030, from your 29-year-old-self. It has been 10years since I met your face of having smile and simper, an environment full of exhilaration and jubilation and the nature brimmed with toys of thousands of ambitions. Now when the world is under surge and is looking down the barrel of environmental catastrophe, I thought of writing to you with the inched heart, tear in eyes and backed with a tear-stained pillow. During these 10 years, a lot has changed and we are on the verge of losing our motherland. The world is busy in making of new techniques of replacing our planet, but not thinking of the planet itself. The global warming rate is increasing 30 times more than that in 2020 thereby tinkering each of mankind. Let me take you back to that difficult year of 2020 when you were 19 years old and every one of you were put under Siege due to COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to pick up parts without seeing anyone was foreign to some people until the COVID-19 crisis came along. Someone said the COVID-19 crisis will just be a paragraph in history books someday, living in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, it was just a worth book. The virus travelled without restraint across the planet, affecting millions. It showed us that not everyone had the same access to treatment and protection, that the world we’d built was not a fair one. But it also laid out the initial sparks of real change, teaching us how interconnected we all are and how fragile the balance between humanity and nature is. Every one of us was locked up, no one of us were allowed to go outside, there was no traffic, no pollution and thereby nature was reclaiming its position and warning us what actually Nature is. Now, I’m not saying a pandemic was the solution we wanted to our complex environmental challenges. Certainly not, but coronavirus did serve as a grim reminder about how humans have taken over the Earth, exploited resources and habitats of every other living species. It reminded us that not only do humans own the planet, that we share it equally with fellow human beings. Our life is about respectful cohabitation, and unless we learned to coexist, nature would find extreme ways to reclaim its space.

After the Pandemic was taking the edge and we were able to move outside, there come our political activists who again started taking us along the same cramp. Instead of concentrating on the economic condition of the world
(which was at worse at that time), they started crunching the minorities by making them the spot of the virus. It again gives rise to the bloodshed between various religions. Apart from political activities, we the common people had not learned much from the pandemic, but we again started ruining our motherland by cutting the trees and ruined the shelter of animals for making comfortable to ourselves by sweetly sleeping on the bed of wood. Animals were crunched to death by setting ablaze in the crowd and selling them on the streets. We forget when we hurt the earth and how it feels when it hurts. Global warming is 30 times more than that in 2020. The AQI (air quality index) is crossing 2000 mark, we ran out of the water, glaciers are thawed, filth, diseases, now only a few are sustaining a hope to survive. The catastrophe was a gift that we received in exchange for our humanity. This is not a myth but a truth that this world is our family, but humans are the supreme? That is not good. These creatures, trees birds are god’s creation. If he has created us all, then these too are close to him. The colour of the earth is red today, not because the blood of billions of people is spread on earth. But it is because this earth has shed its blood by digging
the wounds, which we humans had given to it!. Ever since man came to this earth, he has given every wound to this earth, due to which the anger of this earth has become like a volcano. The universe knows how to prove its true worth, and we have to pay by sacrificing our own lives. Today there may not be many people for whom can I ask to sustain humanity. By balancing nature and to re-recreate this planet with what-ever is left today, just like the way this earth makes our lives. But still today in this empty and deserted world, I raise my voice to ask the human race that comes after, to never give this earth such a wound that this earth screams with such pain that it should not give anyone a chance to cause this pain …..

We have taken so much from the Earth
Now is time to repay
So let’s come to save the Nature…


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