A Tragic Text

A Tragic Text

Riya and her family recently returned back home from abroad after the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Riya’s family which consists of her parents and one elder sister. After they reached to their hometown, as per the administrative rules they were kept in quarantine until the results of the whole family came negative for COVID-19.

Myself, I am Karan, 27 a working professional. In 2016 when Instagram was new in the market, I met Riya on Insta and with time we became friends. Now it has been almost 4 years I have been friends with Riya and their’s nothing we haven’t share with each other. From silly jokes to dark secrets everything we have shared and it continues.

Talking about the fights, we have fought many times and once I started to like her very much. We were in relation for quite some time but then we both realised it isn’t working and later broke up.

We are now just good friends like before and Riya has moved on with her new love. Though sometimes I get quite a number of flashbacks which is natural but I resist and keep enjoying my life.

Moving on to the current story, I was quite happy that I will meet Riya and have a gossip session with her. I already had made a lot of plans.

I texted Riya

Did reports come?

No, not yet still in quarantine

Oh okay,

I used to text her every day and ask her about the results when on the fourth day she texted

It’s negative. I am going home.

Yes, God is great

I was so happy about this. Well, she reached home safely.

I asked her to meet but she advised that she will home quarantine for a few more days.

I understood and said okay

Days passed and finally, we decided to meet the next day. I was very much excited

Next morning, I texted her

Hey, How are you?

Ready for today?

*moments passed but she didn’t reply*

I texted her few more times after that but she still didn’t give any reply. Even her last seen was of early morning. I started biting my nails and was roaming around my room. I became very afraid. I tried calling her but her phone was not reachable.

Nearly at 5 pm in the evening

I texted her again

Hey? Whatsup? where are you?

And a reply came, my phone drooped from my hand. I picked it up, tried to clear my eyes and read it again which for a second made everything black in front of me. My eyes were wet and throat completely barren

She replied:

“My Mom Died This Morning”


****End Of Story****


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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

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