Stranger Of Her Puzzle(Unloved Story)

Stranger Of Her Puzzle (An Unloved Story)

Crying was not an option as I was surrounded by people. leaning my head over the window glass trying to alter the itchiness raised from the wails of my own heart. The bus was rally-crowded and I was trying to get some harmony while chewing the gum.

In the red dress and blue jeans, the dust was all over my black curly hair and thin trimmed bearded face which looked unrested. People around struggling to adjust by pushing each other. while my head being vibrated by the window glass but nothing bothered me, as I just wanted to concentrate on the unpeaceful nap.

Meanwhile, “ please make your head inside and close the window”, the conductor asked me with a shout.
Eyes shut, I fumbled to close the hinge, I couldn’t.
He looked at me like I was one of those dumb passengers who couldn’t follow simple instructions.
“you first have to take off the hinge to close the window”, the person next to me said.
“Oh Stupid me!”, I said finally closing the window.
Tough journey isn’t it, he replied.
“Emm! Sliding my head downwards”.
“By the way, my name is Sohail & yours”, he asked
“Hi! My name is Sahil”, an awkward side by side handshake followed.
After a few minutes of silence, “ Do you want to eat something, an apple” he asked.
“No! Thanks”.
“OK! Some Drink, Or anything else you want”, he asked.
“ My Lost love, I replied with gentle eye contact”.
He starts staring at me for some time & replied: “ can I listen to your love story”.
“Don’t feel obligated, I said by looking in front”.
“of course, I feel obligated dude. Especially if you sulk and don’t make eye contact” he replied.
“ Maybe I can hear your story in short”, he again urged with, please.
“it is not a love story, but an Unloved story, to whom I had loved and lost” I replied with my head downwards.
“Let me guess, She broke up, and you still loved her? Wanted to get back”??, he said
“yeah!”,I replied with lips tight.
“And did you”, he asked.
I shook my head, “I couldn’t”.
“ What happened between you & her,” he asked
“whom with me & Zara”, I replied by turning my almond eyes to him.
“Is that her name Zara? Zara what ?”, he asked
“Zara Wani, I replied”.
“So tell me what happened, between you & her”, he asked
“ I started to laugh”.
“what ?”, he said, Surprisingly.
“For that, I have to tell you the whole story, Sohail”.
“So, tell me” he replied.

4 years ago

“Bhai, let’s move now, our class is finished, shut down your PC”, Irfan said.
“just as I was shutting the PC, Suddenly the mixed essence of sweat and perfumes was making me crazy when suddenly everyone inside the classroom went ghost-quiet and had their eyes on the girl who just stepped inside the same Classroom and her essence was so strong and eye-grabbing that no one could stop staring. Green dress, long ponytail, fresh shine on the face as if she just had the shower, 5ft 2inches tall, pulchritudinous figure as she stepped forward with the squeaking of her black sandal, and sat on the side of our seat”.

“I started to play with the keyboard as I was doing some work, by looking to her face and deep eyes insight”. “Suddenly, she also started to look at me, as we were knowing each other”. “I accelerated my patience and keep staring at her face and the beautiful eyes till she started to make her way home, after finishing the work”. “I fumbled and start following her all along the way she was going, and to her home”.

Next day, I made my way from her home which was some meters away from my room and amazingly she was on the doorstep as just looking for my footsteps. I started to walk on by her side, slowly and silently, till we reached the classroom. For me, it was becoming a habit to travel with her alongside and to look with deep intrusive feelings. After a few days, I got a seat in the PU college, where I found she also was allotted the same stream I was having.
All the miracles were happening for me and I was finding happiness everywhere.

I was loving her as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. I prowl through the streets, dawn disrupts me, all day I hunt for the liquid measure of her steps. I hunger for her sleek laugh, her hands the colour of a savage harvest. Now with the same routine of following her from the college to the home continued, with more than usual. One day, my friend managed me, “let’s talk to her little bit”.I was being shy and fumbled, he put my phone out and started to search Zara’s no,  which I had stolen from the college directory.
“Bro, are you not going to call her,” I asked.
Ssshh!, the phone is ringing and it is on the speaker.
I used my left hand to keep him apart from the phone and my right hand to hold the phone to my ear.
One ring, two ring, five ring and seven rings.
Hello? Hello?
“The person you have dialled cannot be reached, please try again later”.
It was the JIO lady, the emotionless bitch. If only she knew how important this call was for me.
Stop Bro,  we will propose her tomorrow face to face, he said
I agreed but had a freak of rejection inwards.
Next day, I was dressed quite cool, with my hair sticking towards the east, my legs were shivering and the whole body was crazy of listening to that one word of acceptance. As we saw, she is approaching out from the class, my friend pushed me to her and he himself ran out of the room.
I was like, hello Zaraa!, With the blurred voice and the shivering face.
“Hi! , Tell me why are you shivering”, she replied.
I kept my eyes down and replied, “I Love you, can you be mine”.
She put her face aside & put a loud “No, Sorry!” and left from there.
I keep silent and was standing there for a while.
I could see her going away from the college campus and also from my life, I was standing alone, totally heartbroken, I was crying but nobody could see that in, I had nothing left but just a rose which I had brought to propose her, I crushed it, the thorns in the rose hurt my palm but not more than her rejection, I managed myself to sit in the nearby bench, I closed my eyes, my hopes were dead but memories became alive.

I returned to my home, went to my room, closed the windows and start crying loudly and then fainted for some time. From then, she never looked back to me, never ever had any conversation with me. I drank every night to forget her. I called, messaged and stalked her on all social media. But since then she has been ignoring me.

“God has given two pair of eyes for humans, but most of us use only one pair which is to see the world, but we forget there is one more pair inside a soul to see the feelings, truth, sympathy, happiness and all other hidden beauties of the World, open those eyes and see the even more beautiful world”.
The bus stopped with a loud horn, “ sir, you have reached your station”, the conductor said.


****End of Stor***

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