The Worst Permanent-2

The Worst Permanent-2

Continued from [part 1]

Tanveer couldn’t think where else he can find them. From last hour he had called every relative and friend but nothing. Finally, when Tanveer decided to go into the police station he went into the kitchen for glass of water where he saw an envelope kept over the dining table with a caption on it “READ ME”.

His hand were shaking while he picked up the letter and opened it up. Tanveer sat down on the chair and start reading it. The letter handwriting showed it was written by Shabeena (Tanveer’s Mom)

“Dear Tanveer,

While you will be reading this letter we would have left the country and maybe you will never see us now. I know you must be sad and angry by not finding us anywhere in the house. We first want to say sorry for leaving you like this and for talking very rudely yesterday. But what we are going to tell you today might be really shocking and tiring to us. And that’s why we decided to leave the house because we can’t see you hating us, after all these years of living together with a happy face. Don’t panic and listen carefully, we are not your real parents. Back in 1994, your father had a rivalry with a family over some issue. After fighting for so long it never got resolved.

We then decided to kidnap them and get our issue solved. One day we found them in a car on a barren road and they were coming back from the hospital I guess because they had you. I was very jealous of that because we didn’t have a child of our own and never will have medically. I made my mind and told Kareem that I need that child. Kareem mutually agreed and decided to snatch it from them.

We stopped their car and everything turned into a fight. While I had grabbed you and your mother was trying to get you back. We pushed both of them on to the road and ran away When a car came by and hit both of them. They died on the spot. We ran away at that time and reached home. I tried to be a mother and always proved to be a good one. You know that. Later we felt really guilty and thought to tell your family and return you back. After finding their details we came to know you already had a sister which was now with your maternal grandfather.

We both decided not to give you back afterwords because they already had one child. Now what I am going to tell you is, even worse and permanent. I never knew I will have to tell you the facts like this, anyways. The reason we fought yesterday was that you were trying to conveyance us, to get married to Alena. The truth behind we both got angry and not agreed to this is because Alena is your sister and this can’t be undone.

I am sorry Tanveer but we both treated and loved you like our own son…

Once again we are sorry Tanveer. Try not to hate us.”


With Love

Kareem & Shabeena


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