We All Assume

We All Assume

Muntazir, as usual, was very excited to go back home. He was travelling back after so many months. He had already packed up his bag and was waiting for his cab to the airport.

In full formal dressing and his favourite brown leather shows he waited for the cab to arrive. Muntazir even after being in a completely different environment never really forgot to be religious. The long black beard, trimmed moustache and prayer on time. Muntazir being short in height was always the odd one out in the crowd. Finally, the cab reached the doorstep and Muntazir stepped outside his flat. Grabbed his bag and sat inside the cab.

Where to Sir? The cab driver asked politely

To the Airport, Terminal 1, Muntazir replied

The cab started to move towards the airport and Muntazir remained busy in surfing the internet. Finally after being stuck in traffic jams cab stopped outside the departure gate of the airport.

You have reached Sir. Cab driver replied

Thank you, Muntazir said while handing over his fare in his hand.

Muntazir stepped out of the car and started moving towards the gate. And showed his ticket to the security guy at the entrance who checked and let him go inside. After waiting for half an hour in the boarding pass counter line, Muntazir got his turn. He received his boarding pass, gave his bags and left towards the security checkpoint.

This he always hated because security checkpoints at airports are no less than humiliation and harassment when coming to check for any bad elements.

Muntazir left all his items; wallet, keys, belt, backpack, laptop and watch on the scanner belt and moved forward towards the human scanner.

While Muntazir was coming out of the human scanner, The guy in the local police uniform called him and said

Sir please remove your shoes, put it in the scanner and come again through the human scanner

Muntazir’s face got red and he started eating his teeth, He instantly replied

Why sir? that guy also passed through scanner you didn’t tell him to go back and remove his shoes?

Why me? Just because I have the beard? am I labelled to be a terrorist?

Policeman remained calm and repeated

Sir please you need to go through it again and remove your shoes.

Munatzir in anger removed his shoes, put it in the scanner and went again through it.

This time scanner beeped and showed the green light.

The policeman called Muntazir again and said

See sir now the light is green and you are properly scanned before you had shoes on, it showed red. It doesn’t scan through your leather shoes.

Why do you think sir we will pick you out because you have a beard?

Not everyone is the same, sir…

Muntazir felt sorry and ashamed

I am sorry said Muntazir and left to board his flight to home


Never assume things or judge anyone because every coin has two sides

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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

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