The Worst Permanent

The Worst Permanent

It was a usual working day and Tanveer was busy in work from home schedule due to pandemic situation. Most of the time Tanveer used to be in his room on his laptop trying to look busy when in fact the workload was much less than it used to be.

Like everyday routine, Tanveer had free time and he called Alena his girlfriend. Tanveer was laughing loudly and talking ridiculous with Alena over video chat. He didn’t notice that his mom had entered the room and was watching him by behind. Tanveer had kept secret about Alena in the house. Shabeena (Tanveer’s Mom) came and slapped him hard on his head.

Tanveer disconnected the call and screamed Mom what’s this?

What the hell you think you are doing Tanveer?

Nothing mom, she is just a friend.

Really you think I am a fool or what?

No mom.you just sit. Tanveer tried to console his mom

Meanwhile, the doorbell rang and Tanveer’s father was on the door

It’s 7 PM already. Your father is here and now he will discuss with you

Tanveer biting his nails and scratching his head seemed messed

There was no noise from the ground floor and Tanveer didn’t have guts to face his father

Kareem had been a strict father since Tanveer’s childhood.

9 pm on the clock and

Shabeena screamed :

Tanveer come downstairs let’s have dinner

Tanveer knew what’s going to happen on the dining table but he had made his mind that he will convince his parents about this.

So Tanveer what is this I am listening ha? Kareem said

Nothing father it’s just I want to marry Alena

Oh just shut up you don’t know what you are talking about. Your piece of shit

And the argument turned into heat

Tanveer left the hall and closed himself in his room while his mom was crying that don’t do this and his father kept scolding him in anger

Next morning

Tanveer woke up realizing he just lost his temper and should have convinced his parents in a patient way.

He took a bath, went downstairs and looked for his mother who was nowhere to be found neither his father. He found them everywhere but nothing. Tanveer tried to call their phones but both phones were in the hall. Tanveer was were scared and realized his mistake that maybe he had done a blunder yesterday night and what he found next was terrible.

To Be Continued…


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