Books That Will Help You Fight Depression

Books That Will Help You Fight Depression

“Depression isn’t a disease, It’s a gift from Society”

We human beings even after being blessed with much more than we deserve. We never really develop gratitude towards the greater god and say thank you for everything. Doing so can really finish half of our problems. Anyways coming to the topic of the hour. I personally tried almost every way to fought the same and still fighting. Though i believe you can’t really get completely free from stress until we have a peaceful and spiritual life at the same time which is almost impossible in the mediocre society we live in.

Coming to the point today i am going to share with you three books which i discovered while i was suffering from the same and really found much much relief and change in myself. I hope it helps you. Also, I wish and pray:

“May Almighty Heal Whatever Is Hurting You”

So here is this list:

1. MINDSET By Dr.Carol S. Dweck

The book is written by Dr.Carol Dweck. She is widely known as one of the leading researchers for personality, social psychology & developmental psychology. She has won many awards and authored many books. The book is a complete set of everything that all of us go through in our lives. Relationship issues, friendship, mindsets, depression, anxiety, stress, business, sports, vision, studies. You say it and it has it. The book will help you fight your depression, anxiety and stress by giving you detailed experimental theories based on the mindset. This book teaches you how you can change your world just by understanding your mindset and change your world. After reading this book, you will see how much better and relaxed you will feel.

2. SECRET By Rhonda Bryne


The book is written By Rhonda Bryne. The book doesn’t directly help you to conquer depression. But it teaches you a better way to live your life, no matter how badly you are suffering from anxiety, depression or stress. It simply shows you a way out that how by developing gratitude you can make things better around you. The book mainly deals with the positive and negative thoughts which are the main reason behind depression in most of the patients. Rhonda teaches you how by having positive thinking about everything in life can help you became successful. Even if it’s imagining positive about finding your favourite spot empty in the parking, finding your love in the middle of the road, the magic cheque and so on. The book helps you live a better and peaceful life with a simple rule of developing gratitude and positive thinking.

3. How Secret Changed My Life By Rhonda Bryne


The Book is Written By Rhonda. The book is actually the second part of SECRET where the author has collected the events from the real people sharing their examples that how their life changed after reading the book secret. The book contains hundreds of examples of reality, and people who think that the book secret isn’t true can purchase both the books. The secret now is available on youtube in the form of movie and can be watched there.



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