Everyday Quotes

Everyday Quotes

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Fake Friends Are Like Bad Habits. They

Will Make You Feel Better, But

At The End They Are Evil


It’s Better To Say “Sorry”

Then To Explain Your Lies Later


You Can Break My Heart Easily

Because Whatever I Listen I Believe It


I Am A Mess

Try Not To Hold Me



What’s Worst Than An Atomic Bomb? Which

Does All The Work In Silence & Never

Really Needs To Explode


A Man Made Self Destruction Program


Don’t Have Guts To Die

And Nothing Left To Live For


Everyday I Try To Forget You

And I Haven’t Won Yet


I Still Love You And That’s So Scary, When

I Know It Will Always Be Unrequited


Though We Are Their Blood & They Are Our

Parents.But Now There Is Silence  &

Understanding Is Missing



After All The Rejections, Distances, Regrets

& Years Of Silence. Nothing Has Changed

I Still Love You & You Don’t Know It


Somethings Need Not To Be Told

Otherwise You Result Hurting

Your Ownself


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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

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