Faulty Intentions

Faulty Intentions

Yaqoob was never really a person of promises but ever since his wife Hameeda became pregnant, things really changed. Yaqoob never had good terms with anyone due to his faulty intentions. He lived with his elder brother Shameem’s family.

Though Shameem was elder than Yaqoob and was married for more than 5 years, he hasn’t received any good news of being a parent. When Hameeda became pregnant everyone in the house was happy to hear the news. celebrations were going on in the house of khan’s. Yaqoob being an engineer by profession and Shameem a businessman but that never made them different, they always were together. Meanwhile, one day while Yaqoob was coming down to home on his 90’s splender bike he saw Shameem on the edge of the bridge.

Yaqoob being arrogant and careless was so frightened. In rush, while watching shameem he banged his bike on the electric pole and slipped down. Running towards Shameem. He screamed

What the hell do you think you are doing?

As Shameem turned his face towards Yaqoob, his face was red and eyes full of tears

Nothing just having a view of the golden sunset

Yaqoob sat next to him and tried to console him

What happned brother what is it ?, that is hurting you deep inside. Please speak

Shammed opened up

Try not to judge me, brother. I am very happy for you and I am not jealous that you are becoming a father soon but you see, you just got married a year ago and the good news for you is here. Now look at me it had been more than 5 years that I am married, and the good news is still nowhere to be found. Today finally I have decided to end my life.

Are you mad? and what about Afiya (Shameem’s wife)

I don’t know brother but I am very much sad today

After a long conversation, Yaqoob made a harsh decision without the consent of Hameeda

Okay, brother, I promise that if I will have twins one will be yours.

Shameem hugged Yaqoob and they both left for home. Later Yaqoob discussed the same with Hameeda who showed full interest in his decision.

So it’s done than if its twins, one will be there’s. Yaqoob said

Yes completely. Hameeda replied

Months later when Yaqoob and Hameeda went for the ultrasound. The good news was they actually had twins and promise could be fulfilled. The news later was spread across the home and everyone was happy. As days passed, one fine day Yaqoob’s mind changed to not fulfil the promise.

But no one knew about it until the day of delivery came and Hameeda was in labour pain. She was immediately shifted to the hospital. Her condition was very critical as she had twins and doctors suggested for the operation irrespective of the normal delivery. Meanwhile, In the process, the news which came out of the OT wasn’t’ good, indeed. Hameeda was saved but she had a miscarriage and both twins died in the process.


***Karma is a bitch****Keep The Intentions Clean****


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