Fragile Egos

Fragile Egos

He parked his bike on the earmarked space right under the shady tree near the compound wall. He got off from the ‘dirt spewing beast’ in a very nonchalant manner. His strides were long and full of confidence and a sense of purpose. First, he decided to enter the area witnessing the main hall. All of a sudden he decided against it.

Instead, he came out of the building and turned around the corner dense with bushes of Raimuniya (West Indian Lantana) and Babool (Acacia trees). This was another entry to the premises and he could scale it quite easily due to his lanky body frame and agility. He jumped from the gate, his boots landed on the wet road with a soft thud on the basketball court of the institution. As he was walking towards the building, his footsteps slowed down, which did not match up to his desire, which was to go near what he just saw.

There she was with another friend of hers, enjoying rain to the fullest. Her hair was slick wet in the rain. She was giggling like a girl who had been let off on her own, in a huge toy store. To him, she was a vision. A vision clad in the confines of the uniform of the institution and yet so unabashedly in her own form and spirit. She had this weird careless attitude as she was completely unaware of the myriad incidents occurring around her. As, he watched her with bated breath he was glad that she did not see him approaching. The sight of him sent her scurrying. He never ever quite understood the reason for the ‘love’ of his life to avoid him. It pained him to see her taking a different route altogether whenever they crossed paths.

Yash had never seen her getting wet in the rain. The fact that he was himself quite drenched in the rain did not bother him much. He was shaken to see her like this, happily enjoying the rain unmindful of the fact what rain did to her. And to him as well the whole time, that he was looking at her.

He was always her ‘Mr. Long legs’. To find him, staring at her was something she never wanted to happen but was glad that it did. He was everything she ever wanted in her man. He was an extremely good looking boy. But more than his looks, she loved him for being the ‘man in his pants’. For having the courage to approach her with the honest intention of loving her, for having an attitude others would love to have to but definitely lack the balls for it. For, being the straight-forward man that one should be and also, for being completely unapologetic about it as well.

And then he was gone. Just as quickly and suddenly as he was there a few moments back. Riya’s friend Shalini asked her “did you see him”? And, once again she lied “no, was he there”? A blatant lie that she always managed to come up with for she never wanted the people or even Yash to know that, despite all that had happened between them, she loved him with all her heart. She kept her answers vague and never gave proper replies in a yes or a no. Because, a “no” she could not afford and a “yes” now, would cost him, his relationship with his classmate.


For her, he had moved on. She remained stuck in time.

For him, he still had feelings for Riya, his ex-girlfriend, but chose to ignore.

Lack of communication and ego can spoil the best of the chances for even the most “well-meant to be together” couples. It is important to speak to each other without fear and hesitation. A little courage on her part could have made Riya and Yash come together. Egos are fragile too. A fragile ego made Yash opt for another girl even though he could never really forget Riya.


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Priyanka Kanjilal

Priyanka Kanjilal

A computer graduate who is now a full-time writer, Priyanka feels that stories are a medium to narrate and share the various experiences of life.

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