It’s Too Late

It’s Too Late

The book “Power of Positive Thinking” was still on the table sealed and unread. It was a usual working Monday and Shaun was very pissed about the biased office environment. Shaun got dressed into formals for office and went into the dining hall to take his breakfast. As he sat down to eat, his mood which was already pissed reached its peak.

The breakfast plate just had a tea, toast and an egg and Shaun wanted something more junk. He threw away the plate, breaking it into three pieces.

What’s this? Every day the same thing. I am tired of it Shaun shouted loudly

Shaun what’s this behaviour. Just be calm and behave like a human. Have some gratitude. Shaun’s mother replied back

I don’t care. Get lost, I am leaving. Shaun closed the door with force and left.

Back in the home his mother was in tears for this arrogant behaviour of Shaun and being so ungrateful.

Shaun lived with his mom. Shaun’s father died when he was young and Shaun didn’t have any sister. So only two of them were living in the house. Shaun was a clerk by profession, always unsatisfied by his earnings and comfort zone.

While looking somewhere else and chewing his own teeth Shaun drove the car, in not so good mood. When Shaun was already pissed, the traffic lights turned red and the countdown started from 120. Shaun turned off the ignition and started looking outside the car.

Suddenly a man with one arm came near his door and begged for some money. Shaun didn’t respond first and then later found some 5 cents in his dashboard and handed over to the man.

Shaun saw the man crossing the road and buying some candy from the 5 cents, Shaun gave him. The man then walked up to a little torn tent barely standing on a bamboo stick. And handed over the candies to a little girl which obviously was the daughter of the man and his daughter in return hugged him in joy.

Shaun got a flashback of the morning, that how much blessed is he and what wrong he has done. The lights meanwhile turned green and Shaun knew what he has to do. He took the first right and turned his car back home to say sorry and fix everything.

Driving his car very fast back to the home he was thinking all about the morning when suddenly a truck came from the left side and crushed Shaun’s car into the trash.

Shaun was no more…..

***Enjoy every moment and be grateful for Almighty has given you*****


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