Afshan and I came home late at night as were too small to handle the critical ICU situation of Mom. We were told to go back home and come in the morning. Though I was just 10 years old and didn’t know much, about the difference between life and death. I was still worried and too scared.

Afshan and I slept early but who could sleep at all, we were was just thinking about, what would be happening back there in the hospital. I remember back then, there was no such facility of mobile phones through which we could communicate. The old white wall clock was ticking towards 1 o clock midnight and my eyes were still open.

While after some time my eyes were shut. I remember only my elder sister Afshan and me were alone in the home when dad came to wake us around 4 o clock in the morning. I didn’t know when he had come back from the hospital.

Dad ? is it you. I murmured in half voice as the light was off and the room was dark

Get up son, let’s just pray today and ask God for forgiveness

What? I said,

Let’s wake up son

I woke up and took a bath that’s all I could remember.

As I entered the hall, dad and Afshan were already offering the Morning Prayer as I joined them.

Meanwhile, the sky has turned little blue from dark, as we completed the prayer. I saw many of our close relatives coming inside our house. I was a little confused. Everyone started to clean up the big room. Picking up all the mats and all. As a 10-year-old it took me just seconds to realize what’s happening and I just hugged dad from behind.

Where is mom? Is she fine?

Yes, son, she is very healthy. They are just bringing her home.

More people were gathering around and I was just sitting around a corner looking towards the main gate from the window. Suddenly the unusual sound hit my ears and I was about to make the decision when I saw the old, dusty white ambulance coming inside the gate.

The continuous red bulb sound was going inside my head. My legs were jammed out of shock I couldn’t stand. As I saw mom being pulled out on a bed, wrapped in white cloth. My emotions were Stuck in between and I tried to crawl towards the body kept in the middle of the hall.

And I saw her burnt face. I heard Afshan screaming

Mom..please wake up.

Everyone else was crying and I was just staring at her in silence. When Suddenly some whisper hit my ears and my eyes opened from an unconscious state, seeing myself on the edge of the bed and mom still being treated by doctors.

Thank god it was a dream. I whispered to myself.


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Muneeb Zargar

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