We All Betray – 2

We All Betray – 2

Continued From {Part 1}

Suddenly the main door banged and from nowhere two-three policeman came inside. The scene they saw was more like a movie scene. But what we see is what we believe and start judging even realising the other side of the coin.

Police dragged sunny aside and handcuffed him. They called for more security and meanwhile, Sanjay (Preet’s Husband) came inside and saw Preet dead on the floor. He came running, started crying and screaming. Seeing sunny handcuffed and knife on the floor Sanjay tried to beat the shit out of sunny. But police somehow managed to handle the situation.

Sunny was arrested for the murder of Preet and Preet’s dead body was given back to his family after proper investigations for final rituals. Sunny who was deeply in shock and not in a state to understand what really happened. Neither he got the answer of why and why remained why.

And moreover, he got arrested for something he never did. Police found fingerprints of sunny on the knife which was obvious as he pulled it out and since law works on proof.sunny was declared as the murderer of Preet. Meanwhile, Sanjay who had a 2-year-old daughter from Preet needed some mother’s love so he got married again to his office colleague.

Months of fighting in the court to prove sunny is innocent and failing to do the same.Court-ordered for the hanging of sunny till death. Sunny was really depressed and frustrated about the fact. He had already accepted that nothing is going to save him now.suddenly before few days of sunny’s hang day police received a parcel from an unknown person. To be exact, parcel contained the lost phone of Preet which police was unable to track.

They opened it and found a clip which turned the tables upside down. The clip was a video recording of the Preet’s murder filming everything. And the murderer was no one else but “Sanjay himself”.


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