We All Betray

We All Betray

7 June 2020

It has already been more than 3 years, that Sunny heard anything from Preet. Preet got married back in July 2018 and never really was in touch with sunny after the last day of college. Sunny couldn’t digest the fact of being betrayed, ignored and he tried every possible way to find his answers. But irony being both sunny & Preet belonged to two different states & college was the only source for seeing each other.

After the college ended sunny was not able to figure it out and finally thought to move on which eventually he did. But past never stops haunting you when it’s all about bad memories and scars. Everything related to it gives you flashbacks every now & then.

3 years late after this, Sunny was known of the fact Preet got married. Though he was happy about her, But couldn’t get why she ended everything on a bad note. The question “why” was an everyday nightmare and even sleeping pills couldn’t help.

Finally, one fine day when Sunny was out for some office work in Preet’s hometown. He knew this time he has to figure out his answer and let his scars heal before it was too late. Knowing that Preet is married and will be at her husband’s house. He didn’t fear and drove his vehicle towards the answer.

Curved roads, green mountains and vintage cottages that’s what Preet’s hometown was all about. a complete pollution-free environment. Sunny parked the bike outside wooden barrage and stepped towards the brown wooden gate of the two-story house. Sunny made his way through crunching sounds of the leaves under the shoes and birds chirping around.

Sunny felt like there was no one at home and his heart beating supersonic. He knocked on the door. No one answered and he second time knocked a little hard, and door opened.

He felt weird and stepped inside, as he reached towards the main hall. He screamed loudly  ” Preet” and ran towards her. Preet was lying on the floor with her body lashed in blood and a knife punched in her stomach. Sunny kept Preet’s head on his lap who was still unconscious.As he pulled out the knife from Preet’s stomach, she opened her eyes and after seeing sunny. She said in a firm voice

“I loved you sunny. I always did” I am sorry for what I did and closed her eyes forever

Sunny who was still crying couldn’t believe his eyes and unable to digest, Preet is no more. Suddenly the main door banged and ……

***To Be Continued****

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Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

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