Secret – Poem Of Memories

Secret – Poem Of Memories

I am a dead mockingbird inside

With the chambers of my chest

Opened up for love and affection

Trying to run away from the brutality

The scars remind me of thy cruelty

They even tell me what next

I surrender in a tiddly manner for love

Just one gaze of those tiny eyes

Make me wonder, is it love or anger

I look at the scorching sunlight

It reminds me of the enchanting memories

I remember thy bullet

That hit my bosom in the middle of the night

I cried into the dark shadows

And the next day

All I did was smile, smile and smile

And keep it a secret


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fatima wani

fatima wani

They call me sim and I believe writing is an art, a writer by profession and by passion, from the valley of blooms, Kashmir, always in search of truth

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