Zeeshan had everything the multi-millionaire business, well-designed luxurious home and a perfect family. He had never thought in his younger days that coming from a middle-class background, One day he will be rich and the owner of a big company. After the death of Zeeshan’s both parents. It’s only Zeeshan, his wife Sameera and two children, Khalid & Azra who lived in the house.

Khalid was the younger kid and was still completing his studies while Azra was getting married next year. Khalid always dreamed of owning his father’s legacy and business which wasn’t a bad thought because that was the truth. But everything has a correct time and Khalid never had proper patience. Khalid never knew what it means to work hard because he grew up without anything to worry about.

Well, Time passed, Azra got married and things got changed for Khalid. He had now completed his studies and joined his father’s business. With more involvement in the business, Khalid was passionate about earning more and worked hard, day and night. Zeeshan saw everything how hard Khalid was working but never really appreciated him for his work. Meanwhile, Khalid never was so close to his father as Zeeshan always used to scold him since he was young. Khalid was 26 and it was more like a dream for him to listen to one single word of praise from his own father.

With time this gap between father and son turn into hatred but Khalid tried to remain busy with the work. But every other day Zeeshan used to scold him in front of other co-worker’s. A year or some passed Khalid turned 27, and Zeeshan wanted to get him married to which Khalid agreed. After looking for some good proposals, Khalid was engaged to Fatima. He was happy and everything was going fine when one day Fatima’s father visited the factory to meet  Zeeshan for something important to discuss.

When Khalid suddenly entered the Zeeshan’s office to greet Uncle and Zeeshan scolded him. Khalid turned numb and left, Everything seemed dark around him and he wanted revenge. Days passed when one fine day Khalid found Zeeshan alone in the backyard of the factory. His conscience had been already suppressed by his own ego and he moved forward with a spade in his one hand which he picked from a nearby shelf. Silently stepping forward like a tiger towards his own father to kill him. Khalid with full force hit the spade on his father’s head and down on ground Zeeshan was, bloody and shaking seeing his son standing in front of him smiling.


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