Uncertain Minds

Uncertain Minds

Sania usually wakes up early and makes breakfast for everyone else in the house. A house of 3 member family, Sania, his husband Irfan and their 7-year-old daughter Maheen. Irfan is a mason by profession and only bread earner of the family. They lived far away from the city in the upper areas of not so known village and mostly slum.

Irfan & Sania had Maheen after years of praying and medication. And they really loved her and gave her everything she asked for, and they could afford.

They had a very little neighbourhood and one strange neighbour, Akbar who lived alone after his entire family passed in an accident. He never got married again and became an addict of drugs and alcohol. Though he always used to be kind to Irfan, Sania and Maheen when in a proper state of mind. Sometimes Maheen used to play in Akbar’s house while her parents are away.

Irfan being a mason used to work late nights for his family and now after Maheen becoming young day by day. The expenses increased, and living in a slum is already bad and now more expenses. So one fine day Sania decided to work as a maid in nearby locality for some more income and help live themselves a better stable life.

It was a Sunday, Sania gave Maheen a good bath and wore her a half sleeves pink coloured tee and black skirt. She was looking no less than a princess with an ecstatic smile and brown eyes. Akbar, the neighbour seemed to be in a better state of mind and complimented Maheen for better looking. Sania & Irfan thought to buy some groceries from the market while Maheen was busy playing with Akbar.

Something stuck in Akbar’s mind while playing with Maheen and he went inside to drink some alcohol. And came out with lost senses, with greedy eyes he watched Maheen and dragged her towards him. Maheen, before getting any thought to think, Akbar tore all of her clothes and started raping her. Maheen continued screaming,

Uncle! please leave me, please, It’s hurting

But we all know no rapist stops before it hits the end and while he was being a nasty criminal. Sania and Irfan came running listening to their daughter’s screams. Irfan pulled Akbar behind and Sania took away Maheen who was naked and bleeding from thighs. Irfan beat the shit out of Akbar and so did the other people around.


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Muneeb Zargar

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