We All Exaggerate

We All Exaggerate

Juliet woke up early than usual, as today Khalid was coming back from three-day office trip. It was 7 in the morning and she opened the door to the kid’s room, they were still sleeping. Juliet made up some tea and toast at breakfast. Clothes, toys, books were all over the place in the house.

What a mess I say; Juliet whispered to herself. She started cleaning the house for Khalid and let everything look beautiful.
Mom, where is our breakfast, kids screamed to her while she was brooming the floor with a white cloth. Coming kids, Juliet shouted from the common hall.
Omelette and coffee, Served hot in the plate to kids.


One hand on the hip and one dialling the number of Khalid which was still switch off made Juliet worried. His flight should have landed by now Juliet tried to convince herself. But her fear let her down every other minute tickling on the clock.
Mom. Stop looking outside the window. Dad will come on time. It just 11 in the morning. The flight must have delayed…Ayla shouted from the dining table (the elder daughter )
Ya..maybe I am overthinking…
Juliet remained busy in cleaning the house. Sun was on the head and clock was ticking to 12 o clock when someone knocked on the door. Running with a smiling face, Juliet knew who it must be and opened the door. she wasn’t even properly dress. She was half-naked when she opened the door. The disappointed raised with fear when on the door was a 35-year-old brown uniformed guy holding some courier packages.

Mrs Juliet? right ? the courier guy tried to inquire
Yes, it’s me..Juliet looked into his eyes with a weird face…

As she remembered she didn’t order anything.
This is an official letter for you mam…I am sorry mam.. The guy said.
Sorry for what ?…what is it?
It’s the divorce papers mam. The guy handed over the white envelope.
What? Juliet shouted and everything went black, she hanged for a second.
She ran towards the kitchen and dialled Khalid’s number again…it was still switched off.
Now its all making sense .. Juliet murmured to herself while emotions were draining out through her eyes.she couldn’t understand why behind the why.

While she tried to connect to Khalid who could solve the mystery ..Ayla tried to console her from behind. The envelope was still unopened with the bold letters written on it.

To Juliet (divorce papers)
After an hour of extreme sudden sadness. The doorbell rang again and Ayla ran to open the door.
It was the courier guy again sorry to disturb you but the document I just gave, belongs to other lady & isn’t yours.

Sorry for miss-communication
On hearing this Juliet who was still crying came running towards the door …
What ? are you serious
Yes, mam, it’s of a different lady with the same name past 10 blocks.

As Juliet handed over the letter back to the guy.
A taxi stopped outside the house and Khalid stepped out of the car. Juliet ran with the naked feet and hugged Khalid from behind.


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