Chaos To Relief


It was a windy afternoon, I crossed the street. I was depressed over a friend’s death, he was too young to leave. I couldn’t except the fact that he left us all, just six months away from getting graduate. I  thought life was too cruel for me. So I went to spend some time alone on the bridge. Since I was looking at the beautiful mountains on the banks of river Jhelum.

I found a little boy, coming straight to me and asking for money. I offered him to sit, and he just quietly sat down. I asked his name, address and I asked him, why he was so abundant, to my astonishment. He answered everything clearly, he said his dad was a migrator to the valley. And one day when they went to Shankaracharya mountain to get the blessings of Bolay Naath ( The Hindu lord). His dad got an abrupt heart attack, they took him to the hospital but couldn’t save him.

The boy said he was too small to understand what death is, and couldn’t believe that dad had left them. Then I asked him, what about your mom? he gave a smile and said my mom, well she met with an accident last week. And is struggling hard for life in the hospital. I told him that you should be with your mom, and to my amazement he replied, I wish I could be. But I have to survive the day, by begging to people. Because I have no money to eat, this made me lose my mind.

Because I had so many situations wherein I never thanked Allah ( God) and this guy had so many aspirations still he wasn’t giving up on dreams when I asked him what does he want from life. He said I just want to become a doctor and serve the society. When i again asked him again he said I don’t want money, I want to live a life where people respect me. Because people look down upon the poor and the needy in today’s world, I gave it a quick second thought and I realised how much inhuman we have become. He said in these covid times, people don’t even want a beggar close to its door, just because we are untidy and shabby.

They don’t want us to come near, he said since covid this was the first time he in detail discussed something with a stranger. That’s what this covid has made us, more inhuman, humanity is on a verge of degradation, we are getting degraded day by day. Even the boy didn’t belong to my religion (islam) neither to my caste, and nor to my colour, but I still respected his feelings. Give an ear listen to someone maybe you can help, become a human being, fulfil the criteria of the word. Alas! As time was taking its way out of my hands, I had to put an end to our conversation. So I gave him a smile and a pencil to write, and some money to eat, he looked at the sky of his dreams and I told him never to give up on them.


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fatima wani

fatima wani

They call me sim and I believe writing is an art, a writer by profession and by passion, from the valley of blooms, Kashmir, always in search of truth

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