From The Enthralled Paradise 🍁


The spirit within me now arose
Just like a volcano
I listened to no one
But the voice within myself
Which was clear to my ears
It made me saunter
Here and there in search of them
I didn’t know whether was I going in the right direction
But for my motherland, I was supposed to do this
A stone in my hand
Mask on my face
An abuse language on my linguae
But my eyes were shattered with tears
Fully enraged, I threw it
Vehemently, something with full potency hit me
And I were leaping into her arms
Then they declared me dead
They buried me, they wept
They shouted and they raised slogans
But I know that the tyranny never listen’s
I am gone now how many will accompany me, I don’t know
It’s a blazing fire
Let you burn it
Till they hear you


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fatima wani

fatima wani

They call me sim and I believe writing is an art, a writer by profession and by passion, from the valley of blooms, Kashmir, always in search of truth

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