Miss You Abuelo

Miss You Abuelo


30th October 2015 while something was playing on the laptop and since sunrise, I was feeling tipsy. Room was occupied with people, whom I have been friends to from the first day of my engineering and hostel life. While the clock was ticking towards dinner time and I was still lying in my bed.

My *Phone Rang* to which I didn’t pay attention and after several rings, I picked it from the side table. Zahid was calling, usually, he never calls and I accepted it anyway

Hey bro! You there?

Hey man, what’s up?

Some screaming was going on in the back and I couldn’t really listen to his conversation. Finally, he screamed loudly and said,

We didn’t want to inform you, but I thought to tell you that Grandpa died this morning and we buried him down in the afternoon. I am sorry brother, and he hanged up

What? I screamed and with tears in my eyes, I couldn’t continue the conversation.

I tried to call home and found the news authentic. But all in vain I had lost my grandpa and there is nothing I could do anything about the fact that I am not going to see him before the doomsday. He was the only person I loved more than anything.

With no airport in 300 miles around I decided to go home but none supported my idea. Crying was my only option to heal myself while being away from my loved ones. And as days passed, life went on and emotions blurred away like my vision somewhere in the past.

Sitting today in these lush green gardens around with green fence and chaoctic roads, staring at the nameplate engraved name with, late initials. My brain flashing all the memories, eyes red and fluffy. Loudly I said

I miss you, Grandpa, it has been five years since you left us and yet I still miss you every day.


Muneeb Zargar

Muneeb Zargar

My name is Muneeb. Proud Storyteller from Kashmir & an Electronics Engineer by choice.

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