DRUGS – An Addiction Can Ruin Your Life

DRUGS -AN Addiction Can Ruin Your Life

The school memories are very adorably cherished by everyone. Those are the golden days of our lives. Same do I remember when I was a little girl merely at the age of 11 years, I saw some of the senior boys of our school eating “GUTKA”. The next day when mom came to pick me up, she took me to a local shopkeeper so that I could buy some candies etc but to her amazement, I asked for a packet of GUTKA ( tobacco).

She tried to deviate the topic but again and again, I was asking for the same, until mama scolded me. I was crying the whole way home with a bar of chocolate in my hand. In the evening mom narrated the whole scene to my dad, and that time dad told me it is the basic drug one can consume, that day I got to know there is something on earth know as “drugs “. Then I never encountered such an event until in class 11, one afternoon a BURKA GANG, Of Jamait -ul -Islamia entered our school to make us aware about drugs and drug abuse while delivering her lecture, the lady said a girl heading from Srinagar once called her and begged her to save her, the lady said the girl was a beauty with brains, and she herself was shocked to receive the call from her side like this.

She had recently passed her metric (10 grade) and had secured distinction but in class 11 she went to a tuition centre and met some new friends but their company was not good, they took her to resturants, clubs, etc without taking money from her, that started giving her drugs for free at the beginning but as time changed things turned hard and hard, finally one day she asked, a local shopkeeper near her home for a cigarette and told her that it was for her father but the shopkeeper refused as knew, that he didn’t smoke, the shopkeeper reported the incident to her father, he was too shocked that he got a heart attack and died.

He was alone bread owner of the family, after his death, the girl was survived by two more sisters and an ailing mother, they abundant the girl, and her addiction led her to beg on streets, and then by this lady, he was admitted in a rehabilitation centre, where still he is trying to recover from her past. This is what drugs do, they destroy scores of homes and crush souls. Stay away from drugs because they can ruin your life. Lastly would like to end it with a quote
“They feel it in their veins
And then it proceeds to be in their soul
They feel the earth beneath their body
As they lead an unmotivated flight
Ah! when they strike the earth
There is again a big bang
Alas! there is a lot of Yo and familia destruction”



fatima wani

fatima wani

They call me sim and I believe writing is an art, a writer by profession and by passion, from the valley of blooms, Kashmir, always in search of truth

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