Everything Changed

Everything Changed

Everything Changed

I was just roaming inside my phone when my Instagram received a notification. We receive hundreds of notifications every other day, But that one notification is what changes our world

Shreen liked your photo.

That DP of hers, brown eyes, pink scarf and red lipstick flashed everything in front of my eyes and mostly that damn day. That day when everything changed leaving me emotionally paralyzed.


The door banged and I woke up instantly. 9 O’clock in the morning and I was still asleep.

Don’t you have an office today? mom shouted loudly while knocking on my door.

Yes mom, just awake.

Since the day I have been in new love things have changed. Late-night phone calls, long chats, life looked cool. Whatsapp seemed a lifeline and talking to her a new normal.

I met Shreen on an online platform, that’s where most things are happening right now. I personally found these things weird. But I give it a try and now I am a happy guy.

Shreen is my type of girl which I realised on the very first-ever reply from her, simple and outspoken.

It had been more than 3 months since we were dating each other and till now I have known enough about her family and she did find enough about mine.

So I texted her a good morning msg and usually, she replied with lots of kisses and a cute little selfie of hers in a pink salwar suit. I smiled and went to the office. I seemed to be busy with office work and visiting customer sights but she was always there in my thoughts. That usually happens when you by something new, we keep seeing it or when you fall in love, everything is about love and nothing else.

So I send Shreen some selfies from my office work and she responded with some voice notes which she usually does whenever I show her my face, But today her voice didn’t seem well.

Is everything okay? Is she ill or something? But she was very okay when we last talked at night. I started questioning myself and making hypothetical events whose possibility wasn’t even 1 %. But her voice didn’t seem correct, raising that why which arrives before every event.

I finished my work early and called Shreen many times but she didn’t pick up the phone, I even texted her but all in vain.

My condition was like a man who knew the symptoms but not the diseases. I was helpless. All I  could do is wait as going to Shreen’s home wasn’t an option. As our relationship was unofficial and considered uncultured according to our parental teachings.

Later on, while I was roaming from one corner to another standing on one leg. My phone rang without even seeing, I picked it up

Where the hell have you been? are you okay?

To avail loans please press 1, the operator from other side narrated .it was a scam call and I disconnected. I tried calling shreen again and again but the answer was still hopeless.

Exactly at 9:19 pm, 9 Feb 2019, my phone beeped ….it was her

Hey, you there? I am sorry. I can explain

Without any second thought, I called her to show off my caring in terms of anger. but she disconnected and texted

Can we talk here on WhatsApp?

I was losing my mind but nothing was in my control and I had to keep calm just to listen to what was actually the reason behind this not so great behaviour of her’s since morning.

Shreen texted and said yesterday you said something regarding making this relation of ours more secure.

It suddenly struck to my sub-conscious,

yesterday I shared a moment with shreen while we were talking and kind of when you talk to the opposite gender you lose the capability of analysing things and while on call, I told her, soon I will propose you for marriage with a ring and if she agrees I will talk to his parents making it official.

But what it has to do with this weird behaviour of hers? I asked myself

Shreen was typing…that’s all I could see….

See I am happy and excited that you want to be with me till last dawn of our lives but before that, I want to be true to you. since you are so loyal and true to me since the beginning. I cant start our relationship on an unworthy foundation; shreen texted

What? why are you saying like that? I replied

Listen to me first shreen said

Okay I said

Before you came into my life, Yasir was in my life, I guess I told you about this before?

Ya, I remember so? I texted back

Since you said the marriage thing yesterday, I gave it a thought that’s why I was behaving weird and thought to tell you about it

And its? I said

What I didn’t tell about Yasir is that.. Me and Yasir had been more close a few times like more close. more likely intimate.

Phone screen instantly turned blur in front of my eyes and tears dropped on the screen, goose bombs all over my body. Before I could think of anything else. My world had changed from happy to broken again…


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Muneeb Zargar

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