How good it would be if just once we will get the chance of going back to the valley of known. Where no longer we have to giggle with, talk with, eat with strangers. Where the words coming out of our mouth doesn’t need 10 stages of analysis. As far as my heart see that place is only “HOME”.

It is a place where we can be ourselves without anyone judging us.
We can show all shades of our personality without hesitation.

“Could you find that kind of peace or harmony anywhere else”
“Nah! You can’t”.

My eyes get all teary when I start talking about that comfort. But then the question arises, ” Could I get that one more time”?.
Just once let me wander through those allies, let me make one more memory there.
“Why did I let it go so easily”?

While growing we go through different stages of love, love for our belonging or family or the whole world.

Looking at the statics.
At age 3-5: we love everything around us, so we feel the world is such a great place to reside.
At age 12-16: we enter into a very different and difficult period. Which decides our course of life.
At age of 20-32: we start having antipathy towards home, and want to spend time with our friends or sometimes just want loneliness.
But then as we approach 45-55, we realise that eternal bliss lied in-home, we realise the real worth of our relations that fights only cooked up to make them stronger, also we come to know that how people look at us, solely depends on us.
Maybe the reason that maximum people are alone today is.
Kimara(An Arabic word which means “we get what we give”).
We didn’t give them the attention they deserved, so we are getting the same.

When we held their hands there was no harshness, no Jealously, so let that be this way. Hold it today, so that every time you look at your loved ones, you won’t feel any regret.

Grabbing the plate of calmness will look strenuous, but that is the true pleasure.

And that is what makes a HOUSE A HOME.





My name is Nayar currently a student of MBBS. Passionate about my writing and wish to be a great Doctor.

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