Individuality – Prime Necessity

Individuality- Prime Necessity

There is one fact that used to astonish me a lot. We all have two eyes, two ears, two legs and so on. We all are so similar but then God plays a trick and makes us all so different. He certainly is miraculous.

Then there is also a big concept that differs us from all, from our parents, our family and our friends. And that is personality, that is individuality.
As much as it is important to breathe, to eat and to sleep, it is also important to have a perception of our own. People may come and give us advise, words of their own but it’s every person’s responsibility to stand firm on their thinking.

Who do we call a great personality? Personalities of history like Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Aristotle and Isaac Newton. What was great in them? What is that, we are lacking? It is the fight, it is the hunger to strive one’s ideas. It is high time now, that we make ourselves understand that having an opinion different than others doesn’t make us eccentric. We can think and pursue problems in our way, not the way others have been doing for several years. Bleeding this new blood in our veins, which contains courage is all that makes us alive.

Coming to the TV platform, I have seen many shows that highlighted these issues. That made us feel how much prime individuality matters. A show like “Bigg Boss”, as we are all familiar with this one. Others might feel that this show is all about screaming, yelling and fighting but no, I think it all depends on how we pursue it. Well, for me I take it as something that makes us feel that our speech, our words are important too. People outside want to hear us brawl for our rights. When we start listening to our mind, then only we can be a person whom others will look up to.

Who was there for you when there was no one, it was definitely you,

So, why did you let it die? why always think that either my thinking is small or it is weird? Seriously, what if Sir Thomas Alva Edison had thought like this? He started his journey when he sat on the eggs, thinking that if I might give them heat they will give chicks. Everyone around him laughed and made fun of him. But no, he didn’t stop, he stood up for himself because “He was his own man!”, a man of power.
This episode gives rise to the same question if he can, why can’t I? Believe in yourself makes us a true winner.
Lastly, I would like to end it up with this thought
“I try to make the connection with everyone, I lost myself
I tried to be my friend, I found everyone!!!


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My name is Nayar currently a student of MBBS. Passionate about my writing and wish to be a great Doctor.

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