Lost In Terror


lost in terror


Published By: – Penguin Books🐧
Category: Fiction
Author -Nayeema Mahjoor

The book is set in the backdrop of the uprising against the armed forces in Kashmir in the late 1980s, Lost in terror is a tale of a young woman’s battle against the forces within and without. She is smart, educated and wants to be liberal but is struck in a maelstrom of death and destruction. From crumbling to crackdowns, surrender to murders, a martyr to crowds she witnesses everything with a fragile heart. And begins to lose her hold on her home, her relationship with her husband becomes worst when she uncovers her husband’s discreet links with the gunmen who have become obsessed with the dream of AAZADI at expense of a family’s security.

She is fed up with the male dominant society of the times, where there is a thick boundary line between daughters and daughters-in-law and where male members zealously “protect” them at every moment of their lives. In the opening lines of the book the author shows gratitude to all those women of Kashmir who lost everything – from dignity to their relations – but never lost hope for a better tomorrow, including the author’s mother. From the rise of anti-nationalism to the to extrajudicial executions of militants, extortion and harassment of the common people she describes it all.

The author herself dreaded the Aazadi movement but felt an ache at the thought of it. As she mentions that the era of 1990 to 1992 is the one in which most Kashmiri pandits flee the valley after the killing of two prominent pandit judges, while as the Sikhs belonged to the nation. The windy afternoon of 1993 where she opens the letter of BBC appointment changes her life and thus gives us a deep insight into the universality of the pain, forcing us to let go the sufferings of Kashmiris and the ice-cold attitude of the largest democracy of the world towards them and leaning us into the powerful future.

  1. Throughout the book, the author takes us down the bloody memory lane of agony and pain and we really feel it. I liked the confidence and heart-throbbing courage of the author.
  2. And I really feel that every event was described completely in the book, so if you are a Kashmiri and really want to read the piece of the 90’s here it is
    “A ballad of the battle”



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