It was raining outside and the weather was craving for tea. 8 O’clock in the morning and I was still lying in the bed. I dragged myself out, fresh n up, had my breakfast and went for college. It was raining the whole day and I left college in the afternoon.

As it’s still covid-19 and there isn’t much to do in college these days, except if one has some important work to do. Our family is nuclear with four members, myself Fatima, an art student, papa works in the health department, younger sister (Elina) is still in school and mom is a homemaker.

I reached home and had some little nap, meanwhile, the doorbell rang and papa was on the door with some fresh samosas (Indian snack) in a bag. We had them all with evening tea over a delightful family conversation. Papa gave a brief over health situations in the country and increasing cases of covid 19. Long since covid 19, we didn’t have street food as papa is very strict and became more rigid regarding street junk food since Covid 19 this year.

Everything was going fine when later in the night after everyone slept and complained of vomiting, fever in midnight. I was worried and made assumptions, already in my mind. The ambulance reached on the doorstep and took everyone to the hospital as I wasn’t showing any symptoms or health issues, I was told to sit at home. I remember it was mid-June, covid was on peak and hospitals full of patients.

So I was told to sit at home until any news arrives. Later on the next day, Everyone came home and were told to quarantine individually as they all had tested positive for covid 19. I couldn’t really figure out how should I deal with it. When suddenly papa called me from another room and told me that you also get tested doesn’t matter whether a symptom is there or not. And I obeyed for their and my own satisfaction. I got my test done, results had to come later, the same day. So I went back home

I was busy preparing food for everyone when my phone rang,

Ms Fatima Speaking?

Ya, Speaking

Mam, I am from the covid lab and want to inform you that, you have been tested positive for covid. So please quarantine urself and start taking medications.

I dropped my phone and my eyes were numb, legs shaking …

How could I be positive? when I haven’t any single symptom?

I was crying when I knocked on mom’s, pop’s’ door and gave them the news.

They gave me strength as they always used to give but I was half lost as I always had been an anxiety patient.

My heartbeat was increasing, I was suffocating. Papa from somewhere arranged oxygen and installed it. Despite other’s being already covid positive. I was provided with much attention. My anxiety was increasing more and more. I was shifted to ICU for more detailed supervision. Everyone was worried. Two days later lab report came in which I was mentioned negative and when on the confirmation, they apologised for the miscommunication before.


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