Passion Which I Call Peace

Passion Which I Call Peace


I got up from my nightmare as it told me to dream a dream.

It wasn’t easy to see the snow melt away.

Continue thoughts pulling me down telling me to let it go.

Watching myself getting drenched

into thoughts of another day was astounding.

But I gave them wings to fly.

So that I wouldn’t let me die.

And now I could see my snow palace.

As I made it sprinkle with Cherishment.

I let the water of joy and passion drain me,

soothing the womb of dreams.

And now my nightmare comes in colours as I wear them like medals.

Now I know I can live my life with my faith

in “Allah” With each and every shifting glides.

I know it is harder but let’s travel this journey together.




My name is Nayar currently a student of MBBS. Passionate about my writing and wish to be a great Doctor.

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