Quotes Everyday

Quotes Everyday


Your Criticism is my strength.


Life doesn’t run on dominance,

it runs on understanding and appreciation.



One day you will get the latest flash and

then you will see that you are doing great



It does not matter for the stars whether you count them or not


I am one of those mysteries that

provoked your heart to remain silent



The prominent we are the luckier we become



Don’t argue, Let time speak



Sunlight is just like poison for a vagabond lover



If a dictionary suggested me for a synonym of love

for sure I would have suggested your name.



She says I could have manifested love

as a big entity if you were with me.




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fatima wani

fatima wani

They call me sim and I believe writing is an art, a writer by profession and by passion, from the valley of blooms, Kashmir, always in search of truth

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